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December 2018 - Latin Christmas and NYE in Mexico...and Sharks.

Back to Mexico, this time Playa del Carmen for at least a month to enjoy my Bday, Xmas and NYE in that order.  Lots of oddities, warmth, rain, crowds and a SCUBA dive to see some Bull Sharks for my first time!

Female Bull Shark - Pregnant!
Playa del Carmen was a sleepy fishing town...30 years ago!  It's got everything from local ma and pa restaurants to super walmarts and fancy restaurants.  Oh and lots of hotels and accommodation, luckily, as Christmas season is a bit busy.

Ah Mexico ...loud music everywhere


El Negro, very nice

65 pesos for 3 tacos and beer.$4.50 CAD

I don't understand this entrance?

Boom!  Rich!

Ah, this is a good spot

Look at me, quick take a photo...

This is nice, not much sun though

Love me some Ant watching

This looks like a crime to happen

Nothing to steal, no need to lock up

I kinda want one of these cars

This is the most bare bones shop ever
Swimming in the rain in the pool just outside my front door.

slight chill to start

Off to Tulum for my birthday.  20 minute humid walk put me in a pool of my own sweat when I arrived at the Colectivo stop.  1.5 hours to arrive in Tulum, then drink and dance the night away until the Colectivos started running again at 5am.

In the Colectivo to Tulum, Sweating
so I took down my shirt and socks off

photo from the colectivo

A quick scan of my buddy Felip's new bar in Tulum - Pasadita

Congrats Felipe!

Just after the whole group sang a few different birthday songs.  I was beside myself at Hostel Sheck.

Tasty eats at Pasadita

Running into an old friend, Sterling's
Fernanda from last year.

Love the late night House here at
Hostel Tulum roof top

I like SCUBA.  First dive was with Bull Sharks, but unfortunately I have no footage as my camera is not rated for more than 20 m down.  Damn it!  I can say it was great and really calm, which was probably a false calm.

Going down.

Me and dive partner Reg from Calgary


Don't worry Reg I got an eye on ya

Blending in much...

Love these Needle fish

Big school of fish

This looks fun

Swim Through, not too scary, but super cool.

Check out my smile

Love this photo

Hey buddy, good hiding spot

A few photos around town Pre Xmas.

One of my favs...Chiltepin

Quiet 5th ave...

Found this side street full of Art

Los Tabernacos - Montreal Hockey Bar

Why? trees and posts on the sidewalk

Ready to get wet

And did I ever get wet!

Oh crap...deep cavity at gum line
Root Canal, Post, Crown

Crush? Home sick for my truck...

6 m of rebar laying across the street
Super Safe!

Haircut - $5

Didn't love the first cut, the girl was
happy to tighten it up no charge

2nd opinion at Dental House, just a
Root Canal at this point

El Pirata, well priced seafood

Got my NHL going

And there's plenty of back up cable
hanging around if needed

Who's this guitar player??


Chilling at Zacil bar in Tulum beach area.  Apparently we had free drinks all night with our passes, oops...could have saved a few bucks in the always expensive beach zone of Tulum.

Great backdrop with awesome music

Fire Poi in the back, cool

Busy Christmas Day

Mama's got to work

A few long distance travellers "Argentina to Alaska"
But lets take a few weeks...months...years in Playa first

Full beach

Money Money Money...$35/15 min for a ski

Sweet Vball game

Merry Christmas

Another night out between Xmas and NYE.  And I found that Band "the Beanheads"!

Look out, Mariachi lurking

Tequila Barrel

Beanheads! at Hostel Selina

Ended at a fun Club that I don't remember the name of...

New Year's Eve started wet and ended perfectly dry in Tulum.

Yikes, tough to walk around this

Rainy day clothing dryer

Up top of Hostel Tulum

How do you sleep beside a speaker?

Good morning 2019

Other Stuff

This granola bar has been in my bag
for 5 months.

Lots of drugs with out Prescription

Dig a hole to create a chair, love it!

Best spot to carry your dog shit to
the garbage bin

Raw chicken - Food poisoning much...

Some canadian flags to warm my heart

Back on the home front in Calgary

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