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March 2019 - Alberta Northern Work

Time to head back up North to "The Field" as the Oil and Gas production areas are called. A quick stop in Edmonton and then the whole month staying in Dawson Creek, BC and working near Bay Tree, AB 30 minutes away. Check out the Sunrises and Sunsets, wow!

This Inspection gig has it's moments
All packed up and left Calgary in about -15 C.  Over night in Edmonton to have a look around Whyte Ave for the first time in 20 years. I think I like it better than Jasper Ave which is in the city centre.


Ok Really ready now

Get me out of here. At red light this
"great" driver is stopped in the
intersection, nice one.

Sunset on the Queenie 2 highway to Edmonton

The Metterra Hotel on Whyte Ave.  Breakfast not as good as reviewed and/or expected.

Amazing blurring
shot of Whyte

Dorinku - Octopus Wasabi, Saki
and Wild Salmon

Holy crap that wasabi salad was hot!

Blues on Whyte at the Commercial Hotel

Early on a Sunday, still good

On to the Great White North without my lip sweater...!  Destination Dawson Creek "mile zero" of the Alaska Highway.

And get the rest of that Wasabi out of it

Crossing the North Saskatchewan River looking at City 

My favourite Train bridge - Rochfort Bridge

I love it!

The great wide open

Still a snowy landscape

My new home for the duration of the job...a month?
  It actually has another bedroom too. The Pomeroy is the best!

The Job: A scheduled 26 days straight for 12 hour day shifts driving from Dawson Creek to the job site near Bay Tree inspecting a Horizontal Directional Drill under Henderson creek.  The best part of starting at 7am to 7pm meant seeing Sunrise and Sunset every day!  Let's see how it went.

Morning everybody

Rig coming in to site

Most of the buildings and rig in place

Hammering casing in

This isn't so bad...


Oh, look at that nice new drill bit

Still coldish, but warming

The temporary line in production while we drilled the new
line to replace the one that was exposed at the creek.

Lots of snow, there's a creek down there?


My view from the trailer




Family farm dog in the area "Junior", was a smile bringer

Snow melting away causing

Unbelievable - Moon in front, Sun behind

What an amazing "smoking area"
Never used, haha

Can you see the deer?


Getting warmer, no hoodie

Water management to keep the
Rig Mats from floating

Pullhead, swivel, reamer

Another good day

Look at them deer

Snow melting and the Creek became
a River

The temp line now standing above mud

More Deer

The only Honda Truck in the Canada Oil Patch!!!



Other Stuff

Yep, in to Alberta every day.

Ride the slide in to the pool, swim
300m then hit the hot tub

Customer appreciation
Wings, Pizza and Beer
every Wednesday

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