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April 2019 - Back to Alberta, Pinball and then the Beach - Playa

Finished up "the Job" at the beginning of the month, saw the Oilers live, conquerred some pinball machines and returned to Playa del Carmen to swim away the rest of the month.

A few quiet days to tidy up and demob the equipment for the now successfully crossed creek. Always mixed emotions for me watching them tear down where I spent so much of my waking moments, but then being free and done working is pretty great!

Getting pretty quiet at site

Ready to be tied in

All gone
Back to town one last time. I thought about heading North the next day towards Alaska for fun...but the weather didn't sound good and besides I had Oilers tickets in Edmonton!

Mile zero of the Alaska Highway

Wednesday customer appreciation night
First beers in over a month!

Yeah, going south was a better idea

Back in to Alberta

White out, but I'm in a Honda! no prob

My fav train bridge Rochfort.

A night in Edmonton at the Crash hotel (a fav) perfectly located for going to the Hockey game.

Free Hangover needs

Hangover creators!
Even weed shredder and papers
All for a higher than avg. price of course

So awesome, a wall of Ghetoblasters!

The DJ booth

Connor McDavid the legend to be made

New buddy Kyle

Back in to Calgary with a rear tire issue, actually I wrecked one of my rotors so my more than helpful friend Kaz jumped to it and we replaced both rear rotors and brake pads ("Don't buy the shitty ones" Kaz told me, so I didn't).

A few difficult bolts, turns out one of
the caliper guides was sticking.
Likely do to all the mud on site.

Beautiful and only $200 all in
2 new rotors, 2 sets of pads

Replay, Replay, Replay...on a nice Sunday afternoon at Pinbar.

Attack from Mars


Batman (old TV show)

For those about to Rock - FIRE!


Monster Bash

Mid month I grabbed a direct flight back to Playa for 30 days of beach and writing.  Surprisingly found a great spot on Quinta avenue 4 blocks from the beach with all the things you need...Smart TV, great kitchen, King bed, nice comfy couch...and remote wifi to project the NHL Playoffs!

Side Story - I cruised through security at the Calgary Airport passing through this line which continued in to a massive glass encased room holding another 400 people going through USA level security.  Gross.  Why do people still go to the USA? I hope I can avoid flying there until they sort themselves out, ahum...Metric would be a good start.

Weeeeeee....taking offf

Poor USA passengers...

A new home sweet home, good location, all the things you need and warm weather. Hoping to finish a short film while i'm here and may be find something to invest in??

Great kitchen

Working in the kitchen

Working in my office

Hanging with a visitor from YYC

I love this bottle, but not for $300 USD

Found a good local

And good deals too.  It's actually a
real estate shop in the day time.

NHL Playoffs and...

$100 Tequila...very good

Running cable

An ok local taco place
The old ridiculously long rebar move

Going for a swim like most days when there's not too much seaweed.

This is a low seaweed day

And this a high seaweed day, no swimming

Another good dive day at Diversity Diving... Dive 1) at Cuevo del Pargo down to 13.4 m for 62 minutes, Dive 2) at Mache down to 13.0 for 50 minutes.  Really got my monies worth.

Comfy mask

Cuevo del Pargo

A Turtle



This looks familiar

2 metre Yellow Eel! Huge!
More Mache

Blending in

Other Stuff

Surprised a Hawk in my backyard that
dropped this dead bird 

The Hawk sitting on a wire waiting
for me to take a hike

Eating fruit with a spoon,
 but skipping
right to the source!