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May 2019 - Out of Mexico and in to Scotland

At the beginning of the month I watched the seaweed full sea hoping to swim in it then flew to Scotland for a few days of greenery, old city and whiskey in preparation for the "Mamma Mia" Brad and Bonny 2019 Italy Tour.

Edinburgh Castle
Oh no, my final 10 days in Mexico, although great, were virtually swim free do to massive amounts of seaweed in the water.  Worst I have seen to date.  And a few other oddities caught my attention before leaving too.

Love the degradation of abandon cars

Genius, I left key in the building door
Bird shaped mango

Love the cinema caddy that fits in
a cup holder at Avengers End Game
Sadly full of seaweed 50 metres thick ... Time to leave

50 metres thick of seaweed

Side Story: Ready to check out of my apartment...45 minutes later no landlord?  "But I have a flight to catch and need my deposit back...Shit" I wrote landlord to no response.  Luckily had gf of landlord's number, wrote her and she arranged for his sister to check me out. Sister arrives with no deposit so I took all the remotes and left them with a friend until the deposit was given to them (1 week later!).  I left a little mexican time buffer for the flight which you need a 1 hour bus to get to the airport with no traffic.  That was gone so I was on the run.  Luckily absolutely everything worked out just in time and I made it!

Up up and away to Scotland for a few days.  Hasta luego Mexico!

Holy moly, where da people at on my Tui flight to Glasgow?

Oh my, is it my birthday?

Some favourite captures coming in to Scotland.   

Oh man

Flying in to Glasgow


A few hours in Glasgow to have a sniff around.  Luckily I met a very friendly chap who took me on a improvised tour.  Thanks Jamie!

very unexpected room at Glasgow airport

Apparently the pylon is constantly
removed and replaced
Duke of Wellington

George Square

Jamie and the Cops

pronounced "Iron Brew" fizzy drink

The "normal" size Scottish breaky


Arriving in Edinburgh to realise everything I wanted to see or do was way up.  Ah, easy, it's the beginning of the trip, I was charged up on only 3 hours sleep in 36 hours. A few great nights out including a Sunday pub crawl which gave me a good sample of the Edinburgh night life and area. Just don't try to get any food after 2am!

A lot of steps right out of the train station

High St

And sunny

KickAss Hostel was just that

Pod beds like in some airports

Some new friends; Emily (CAD)
Marlene, Anna (AUT), Paul (AUS)

After Salsa Bar went here for live music

Sneaky Pete's for some electronic

Edinburgh Castle

Paul and brother Adam drinking gifted
white wine from Czech Ana I gave my
Glasgow return train ticket

underwhelming beer pong

At the Aussie bar of course

Can't remember this ones name

On the wall at the hostel and from

Cool showers at the Hostel

Then I was on my way to Italy

Edinburgh Castle again, beautiful

Thought I'd see more of this

Great bus ride to the Airport

love it, for only 5 pounds, double decker

Man, this seems serious...

On to another Ryan Air

Ciao Scotland...

Ciao Scotland and on to Treviso, Italy to prepare for the arrival of Mamma Brad.

My love of the Fiat Panda begins

Child locked myself in the back

Awesome for 15 euros!

If only the weather was better at Jolly Town Camping

a celebratory beer and pizza

Stock win!!!! Yay!!!