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July 2019 - Oh Canada, Stampede, 3rd annual BUB crawl and more

A few fun moments early in the month before Stampede started up.  Stayed with my drink canadian beer theme, began working as a business developer and playing as a local sailor again.
"I don't like this seat" - BMX

"This is better" First bike in 30+ yrs

Beer slap, my promise to stop American beer drinking on Canada day.  I want to see more of these videos! Common Canada.

Yeah!  157 years

Let the Stampede roll... Day A (one day before Day 1)


Poncho Man

Late at Wildhorse with Will

Early at Ryan's Cantina

Borrowed, but only for a second

New stickers
Day 4 - Invited by an old friend Dan Vacon (lead singer of the Dudes) to watch him and a few others do a few acoustic sets while I ate and drank for free. Thanks buddy.
Hey wait, These aren't my boots?

My boots in 2018

Dan Vacon and friends at a Village Brewery's Stampede party.  Great beer and food.

Local lead singers

Still sunny out and partying on

Cops taking down walkers, gettim!

Great view of fireworks from
the "New" King Eddy Blues Bar

Day 5 - Boot recovery and Pipeworx party

Side Story - Some how left Ryan's Cantina party on Saturday with the wrong boots.  But I really wasn't sure until I asked around and heard back that another Ryan who got in a taxi in his socks with someone else's boots in his hand. Lucky news was that Ryan was awesome enough to drive my boots to my place pre the Pipeworx party. Thanks Ryan!

Mine on the right

This is what happens when you take
the train just before the rodeo

The Edmonton Joey's girls that come
down to make a pile of cash ~$1000

A quick blip hanging on a bus
that wasn't for us (Alex).


More Randoms

But friendly

Love the pole dancing/balancing


Tim Hicks, a really good canadian country artist who nailed some covers too.

Day 6 - Yikes, 3 days in a row is not recommended.  What a BD man must endure.

I don't endorse this

Chuck, Brent joining me

Always someone picking up the slack when others falter

That's a bouncer impressed with my
line ride of no cigarette past this point,
no drink past that one.  "Riding the line."

Mike and More random friends

Day 7 - simply being a good designated driver for a friend. Perfect timing catching cool fireworks on the way to get them at Wildhorse.

Day 8 - BC/DC brought their Nelson, BC AC/DC cover band to the Wildhorse. Steve and friends enjoyed and then stuck around to make a private area where we could interview people as representatives of an Edmonton Radio station.  It's a famous one.

Enjoyed watching this jackass use
his puppy to meet a girl every 5 min
on the train ride downtown.

Foreshadowing the Bub Crawl



Good times

Some of the interviewees

Day 9 - The 3rd Annual Stampede BUB Crawl, and may be the last, haha.

Now that's a ceasar to help a hangover

Stop 2, Cold Garden in Inglewood

Stop 3, Cabin brewery.

Big ride this year

Even had a scooter girl with us

What stop is this?  6 or 7...

Back to downtown across the Peace

Big time at Wild Horse

Bouncing the end of the night Dale?

The Legend of Steve grows

Pete, Nic and Steve still going at 4am

The Legend of Dale grows

Some other moments through out the month. Truck jacking, sailing and more...

Truxxx 2" lift kit

ah... not so easy

3 hours for one quarter of the job

9 hours later.

Looks good

Getting nautical

Good times

That's a big burger

At Dixon's Pub

Wasp killing - 13!

Leave my house alone WASPs!

Other Stuff

Great live blues at the Blues Can

No wonder my pipes plug up

Interesting medical questions

Memory shelf

That's a rotten apple

Liquor cabinet all set

I like spiders

What the hell?

Garden coming along

Beautiful salmon dish at Steve's

Homie Shawn

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