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September 2019 - "Online Mating" movie trailer and Working in middle Alberta

In September I worked as an AD/Sound guy for no money and worked as an HDD Inspector making lots of money balancing me out to breaking even money.  And as always some random Brad thoughts/photos to be enjoyed. Plus the Calgary International Film Festival at the end of the month.

Wanting to get more involved in the Calgary Independent film scene I signed up to a few groups on Facebook where I met Luis who wrote Online Mating.  Some funny scenes for sure.  He wanted to make a 5 minute trailer to eventually use to market the full length feature idea. I had a blast Assistant Directing, Recording Sound and working Camera on a few scenes too.

Check out the Trailer - "Warning: Adult Subject Matter and Language"

A furry Cody and sexy Robegiene

Shooting upstairs at Sunterra Market

Using my T-shirt from my
 film stint 2006-10

Look at the make up!

Homeless Yoga in the Park

Off to work in "the field" again to do some HDD Inspection at a converting from coal to natural gas electricity producing Power Plant near Stettler Alberta.  Some great photos and lovely surrounding area.  The plant is a lot bigger than it looks, especially noted after taking a tour that had us on the 22nd floor looking all the way down way through the steel grating, yikes. Supervisor Dean said as we got off the elevator "hope no one is scared of heights"   But I am, too late!

Like a movie

Uff, safety orientation

Drilling under a tailings pond

Looking back to the Drill entry

From the 22nd floor!

Oh man...fatty!

Heat exchange from the plant/river bringing amazing fog

love it

It's good

Look at that plant in the distance

Ford commercial

Drill string out and pipe waiting to be
pulled back

I love this view from the bridge

Same view at dusk

Another foggy morning

Pull head ready

Snaked around the bend

Love this shot back to the plant

There it is, up and pulling back

Sad to leave

My little office spot

And I'm off

Through Camrose

So much gravelly shrapnel stuck to
the truck

$35 later, and 2 different bays

Sundance Beach, Pigeon Lake on the way to Drayton Valley


The rest of my September days in Calgary...

Disturbing the birds on the Reservoir

Sunset around 8pm.

A sign Canada is not just bilingual

A sign that The Rose and Crown is
back in my heart!

Tourist eating chicken wings with a fork

WTF Kevin, That's a spine cruncher

city to do work on my lawn, but when??

Enjoying a tequila tasting

A full size bike does fit

On the Res with Nic K

Film festival - first weekend shows usually sold out

More pinball

Too much pinball!

Repaired this boyhood classic puzzle

At the Doc's, playing while waiting

That's all for this year.

Some CIFF films. We saw
"What we don't say"

The Stachonator

You people! that don't clean up
after yourselves. A-hole!

Nintendo golf re-conquered 30 yrs later 

What We Don't Say - Cast and Crew

Great sign

A world full of recycling? Reuse? Nah, just make garbage

Some more CIFF 2019 shorts

And then of course Sept snow storms

Legal weed shops, product with
magnifying glass to really examine
what a world we live in

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