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October 2019 - Oktoberfest, Winefest, Mom's bday, Pumpkin Carving

The month was full of events, but not a lot of photos.  Oktoberfest, 101 year old dance machine! Saturday afternoon Pub Crawl, Winefest, Thanksgiving, Mom's birthday and pumpkin carving.  Unfortunately I missed Halloween due to work which will be covered in the November post.

Enjoying the end of Oktoberfest at the Lakeview community hall with good friends, new friends, "old" friends and great beer...mmmm Velvet Fog...
Andrea's 101 year old Grandpa
cutting it up with a cane even

Not sure how drunk he was, but
he was charming all the ladies.

A little pub crawl action on 17th ave with a pile of Saskatchewan Rough Riders fans.  Blanco is a good spot. Add a gummy in the mix and I was dancing at The Trop till the end of the night.

Tom, me, Karen
Me and Nic

Happy bday Mom! And Lois, Charlene.

Winefest is not just wine, they got beer, spirits and tonnes
of food.
Pumpkin carving at my brother's place.  It's so easy these days with all the tools.

Big pumpkins

Happy bday Mom, again
Two Bonny's for the price of one

Mines on the far right.

Other Stuff
How the hell am I going to tame this?

Jerk chicken wings, a fav
At Weaselhead Pub

You know what that means.

Good night Turbo!