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December 2019 - 1st Xmas in 15 yrs, Santa Claus, Noon Year's Eve

The first time in 15 years that I was in Calgary for Christmas, that's crazy right? Wearing both Engineer and Santa Claus outfits enjoying Christmas parties and my birthday then welcoming in 2020 both at lunch with Elvis and at the Trop in front of a great live band. A bonus in the month seeing my friend Ash's Tragically Hip cover band.

Happy to be heading home from the field.

Back from the field in to the office to hang with Andrew, Dale, Ken and Lucinda.

Tidied up a little
Yahoos Andrew and Dale
Birthday morning hockey and delicious dinner at The Living Room. Best Gnocchi ever!

Early hockey but good

So light and fluffy, Amazing!

Christmas Season. I think I'll try to make a few more of these.  It's always better to hang with family and friends when they are off work as well. Lots of parties, music and great food.

One of many little toys, trinkets at my mom's place.  Touch Santa's feet in the video.

I'm definitely no expert
 at "Neglin"

My first attempt at X-country skiing

White bunny!

Jerk and Hot wings at Weasel Head

Moustache kids

Mike, Me, Paul at the Colt Christmas Reunion
Solid facial hair gents

Calgary Tower!

Checking out my friend Dan's
Calgary Rock Band "The Dudes"
Christmas Concert

Opening Band "I am the Mountain"

The Dudes have been rocking it
for 20 years+ and sadly this is the
first time I have seen them.

12 pubs of Christmas...I decided to bring Santa along.

Prepping for an all day drinking event

Remembering how this goes

My belly doubling as a bag full of
regular clothes.  Clever.

Ho, Ho, Ho

Side Story: On the way to the first pub Santa had a slip on the icy street.  More than one person gasped in fear of the potential injury as Santa fought for his balance.  Santa quickly replied "Oh my we almost lost Christmas" as he stablised and continued on to the pub.  

Side Story 2: It was a bit nerve racking continuing to drink while going pub to pub passing so many young children pointing Santa out.  I managed to walk a straight line until the kiddos went to bed.

Good Santa

Bad Santa

What's Christmas with out snow...

Santa took this photo

Nice lights Ma'am

Unruly Christmas cheer

My buddy Ash is the bass player in this Tragically Hip cover band - Lead singer doing the Gord Downie poetry during Poets.

Ash's wife Carol

Another great cover - "Blow at High Dough"

Ash, The man himself

New Year's Noon and Eve...

Noon Year's Eve at Grey Eagle Casino with my mom and all the copper tops that felt midnight was a little too late. Wouldn't be complete without an Elvis impersonator.  Even gone 43 years he lives on and makes the girls cry.

Happy Noon Year!

Then it was time for

A little New Year's Eve at the Trop with live music by "Shoot the Lights Out", an old buddy Rob L and Christine and her crew.  What a tasty meal for $30...not bad at all.


Grenades! Jager bomb, Tequila

Do it Rob!

During a dance break, Misha, Christine, Me, Steph, Rob

Other Stuff

Maybe move the water?? What in the
world happened to cause this poster
Trip to the metal recyclers.
Picking my winter adventure from a hat..

Bonus shot from NYE