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January 2020 - Half Cold, Half Mexico

Half the month spent in Calgary to finish off some work and sadly sell my motorbike.  Then finally down to Mexico to get in shape swimming, snorkeling, bike riding and bringing up my vitamin D levels in all that sun! A bonus meet up with Ken C from Adit!!!

Just days before flying South some guy from middle Alberta called me asking about my bike for sale. I forgot I had posted it a year ago for a high price and thought if anyone is willing to pay it I would let it go.  Just seemed so much harder to do in the middle of winter after putting the bike to rest at the end of October.  What a rude awakening for Turbo.  Pulled him out of bed and sent him away in to the -15C day on the back of a truck.  Not ideal, but time to move on.
Terry packing up the bike

Bye Turbo

Jan 12 - Off to Playa del Carmen for some months.  A place that has all I need during the winter months.  Direct flight, great beaches, clear warm sea, good people and healthy outdoor activities.

Goodnight Crush

All this in to a carry on,
well may be not all of it...


The smile beginning to crack

Sunny Mexico, using one of a few
wifi spots I set up last year

Always take a photo of the electricity
meter the day you move in! When I
left they tried to charge me a lot more

This will work

This will work
A little tour of the Apartment at Mixteca on 5th Ave and 20th street.  2 Weeks for $300 USD.

A round bedroom, cool

Sweet Humidity Bedhead

Tacos and Dos Equis!

Outdoor shower!

Ya, this is good

My penthouse

8 m swimming pool for days the beach
isn't so good
Back to Mexican life...

New rental bikes ($30/year)

A bottle of mezcal to keep the stomach

Canadian breakfast
Beer and Bacon


Ken C my Day shift partner in crime on the November Direct Pipe job down for a week vacation with the family at an all inclusive nearby.

21 peso beers at Chapultepec

Dinner at Chiltepin

Time to get in shape and a tan

My friend's band Beanheads
Right next door
Apartment balcony at night with music from Kitxen to keep me company until 1am every night.

5th Ave

What a breaky.  Coco water, cactus,
onion, refried beans, bacon and eggs

Looked safe to sit on while I put
my shoes on...guess not

Rent agent didn't charge me, so clearly
it was poor workmanship

Look up - see there is no balcony or
safety lines as the workers repaired it

Third coffee in 5 years. When out with as Italians

You go dance machine

Unbelievable portion of ceviche
from my fav El Negro

My new Bike!!!
And finally a day at the beach to snorkel with my friend Nacha.
Out by the local airport

Coco Beach

Lovely snorkeling with my poor man set up of swimming goggles and low end snorkel I found at a Cenote the year before.


More good views

The poor man set up

Angel fish

Don't scare the fish Nacha

Like I said, don't scare them away

Claudia's birthday week began...

Julio, Larisa, Claudia, Mel, Claudia (bday girl)

Monterrey style bbq, so tasty!

Other Stuff

Ken, where's your kid?

Exchange breakdown, Best to worst
Visa, Calforex, change house in Mexico

Would hate to climb that every night
to go to bed

All you can drink Roof Pool $25

Any guess where this guy is from?

Borrowed guitar, Thanks Yesi!
Blast from the past... Early in January uncovered photos from my Grade 9 Graduation.

I wasn't the tallest

Grad date Jeanette

Spot the Italian guy...