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February 2020 - Life Behind the Wall in Playacar, Que Fresa!

Spent the whole month set up in a 2 bedroom in Playacar, the high end Gated Community, next to the centre of Playa del Carmen with its on beaches and even higher end Gated Hotels. Bonus hang out with The Dips at Akumal.

Tough fully loaded bike ride about 20 minutes to my new place for the month.  Even at 10 am in the morning I was already dripping sweat and perhaps a little overloaded too.

Ready and Chau

Fully loaded

Tricky selfie
Well deserved beer. It's 12pm somewhere

Bulldozer hanging for a few days

Pastor a little rare

A quick stop during Claudia's bday to
check out the Oiler's crush the Flames!

Seafood tacos on the other side of the highway at La Floresta

Day 3 or 4 of Clau's bday

Oh and it was Superbowl too
At Zenzi

Surprised my hangover wasn't

18 m pool to keep training, yes

Akumal a marine sanctuary for an entrance fee of $8, but if you sneak through the restaurants it's free.  So...$8 lighter I met up with Mike and Maria and the team and enjoyed a good 4 hours in this special place.  Turtles and Rays...yay!!!

Never good to see an entrance like
this to a beach

Akumal Bay
The beautiful Akumal bay just great for a snorkel even on a windy day.

Maria and Mike are here

With the kids Claudia, Daniel, Julia

Looking good boys

Worth the $8. Beautiful Ray

A Turtle

Two turtles, who wins the race?

Life in Playacar, a long ride to the centre, luckily I had a bike. I rented a friend Claudia's place for the month hoping to get a taste of life behind the Wall while she was in Peru. 

Playacar Fase 1 Beach area

A sign it's maybe too windy

Weeeeeee as I ride through a huge puddle after a rain storm.

Tight riding on Calle 2
amongst the buses

Playacar is good, but too hoity toity for me.

This is a good spot

Living steps from the HardRock Golf course

High end hotels

Quite a photo

Lots of bike riding without
the road dangers in the Centre

Potential bike lizard thief

A well travelled bike from Ukraine

A quick interlude to enjoy my fav beach for snorkeling (at the time) which I went to many mornings.  25 minutes away from the place in Playacar, but worth it.


Here we go!

Snorkeling at Coco Beach


Sneak Peek where I'm moving in March...

My new online
profile photo

Other Stuff

Red Stock Market begins...

Nice tan line

Stock Market Closed!!!???

Some Mezcal and Tequila choices
Pea Milk??

Que Fresa

Is this 13 or 14 pesos??? Apparently 14 pesos.

Grilled Octopus at "Los Aguachiles"

El Negro Shrimp Tacos $6 with beer

New chinese bikes at the mall

Amazon delivered Amy Winehouse

Private roof top at Ed and Clau's
Yep that's a Jacuzzi 

That guy ate all of Italy

La Rana bar

Victor, Valerie, Dorely
from Los Tabernacos

Could be La Embajada?

Colosio beach

Sandy hair line

Local lunch spot $5

Big line of shots at Embajada

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