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March 2020 - Stolen Bike, Mother Hen Visit, Covid Close Down, Back to Canada

A tough month for the world knowing it may never be the same as these final days. Moved in to an amazing apartment right off the beach, Mom came down for a week and then it was time to head back to Canada after enjoying my final days in Mexico before Covid lock down.

Happily moved in to my 1/2 block to the beach 2 bedroom Italian owned apartment with a great roof top and Jacuzzi. Good to be back in the centre of Playa del Carmen than tucked behind the Wall of Playacar.

A quick tour of the apartment on Calle 2.

1/2 block to the beach
and 1/2 block to 5th Ave

And just a step away the beach.

Maybe too much
beach time? Burnt!

A quick side Snorkel at Coco beach.  The government hiring seaweed control boats which at first made me think of Mad Max or Water World...or some other double first letter title...

Lots of fishies

OMG, first Ray I have ever seen at Coco beach.

A Father-Son Futbol game. Well father age guys and son age guys so I got to play without bringing a son.

Playing in a Hoity Toity gated community

I'm in ok shape actually

Enjoying Volley Ball all month!

Morning beach walk to Vball

In front of Panama Jacks Resort

Constituyentes Volley Ball in front of Panama Jacks

Top Gun ish?

Alex, me and Abraham




Some of the regular vballers at Zenzi beach bar

Sad Side Story - My Bikeeee!!!  Enjoying a late session of volley ball I never even thought I would return to see a broken tree top where my bike was locked to.  The only way to beat an ABUS U-lock is to break the thing you locked it to.  And here I thought a few trees nestled between very high end hotels would have been safe especially as I had been locking it there for over 1 month. In the end I wasn't as sad about the bike as I was to lose my friend's lock that was worth almost double the price of the bike!

The scene of the crime
Bikeless and going on with life. A night to drink it off and move on.

Eduardo, Claudia, Juan and Julia

Balling at

"Come in Mexico...The Mother Hen has landed..."

The bus station 1/2 block from home
Let's enjoy a week before Quarantine.

Happy to enjoy the water

Happy Days

A bloody cray fish!

Amazing aquatic life off calle 2

bye fishies

Night begins

A little live music by my friend Alan's band Rollercoaster at Fah bar.

Let's get ready


Amazed by Diego's blindfolded
drum solo.

Diego with glowsticks

Dinner at Chiltepin one of my favourite seafood restaurants and they have a pool!

This is nice


Better than the roof top terrace

At Tiny Tiki bar. Mom liked the drinks
but not the lazy bartenders

Huge bird

The beginning of Quarantine
With mom safely back in Canada I was on my own to enjoy the final days in Mexico before the lock down began.

A special cigar from my buddy Jared

Pink Floyd "The Wall"

What a night for it

Popcorn, coco water, beer, chocolate...all I needed

In to it

A little more beach and snorkel time.

Juarez Pro Volley Ball Court

Star Fish shining in the Sea

Sad Side Story - People needing to get back to Canada had to deal with this...  OH "Air" Canada needs to change their name! Selling seats at 2 to 3 times the regular price on almost empty flights. I was forced to pay more as they had already cancelled one of my flights earlier in the week! A-holes! Meanwhile at the same time Westjet's flights were regular price and Sunwing vacations even offered free seats to all people still needing to get home if they had empty spots.

Plane must be full with those prices?

"X" represent booked seats....

Quiet days as the beaches and streets began to thin out.

Enjoy it...

Normally vendors selling away on 5th

Batman will save us...once he's finished

A sweet $4 haircut at Sandra's. Who
knows when the next one will be?

Sandra's little hole in the wall

Finishing off my tequila

Time to go.  March 24 I made my way to the Airport hoping to fly home in the wake of stories of many cancelled flights.  Thanks Dental House for the mask.

At the Cancun airport it was basically dead except for my checkin area which luckily I didn't have to deal with as I only had carryon bags.  Fortunately the majority German/European crowd was handled in time, but not really as the ticketing system got all screwed up at the flight gate and we got to enjoy 1.5 hours sitting on the plane waiting for all passengers to be sorted out and seated.  This in turn give me 5 minutes to catch my connection in TO.  My first missed flight in my life and a good reason to book through the same airline when ever possible as Air Canada issued me a ticket for the last flight of the day 3 hours later with out much fuss, kinda.  Normally a direct 5.5 hr flight from Cancun to Calgary was made a long 18 hour day beginning at 6am in Playa del Carmen and ending at 11 pm in Calgary (12am Mex time) in the times of Covid-19. But I made it and my good friend Brendan was there with my truck filled with groceries for the next two weeks of self-isolation.  Thank you Brendan and Andrea.

On the ADO in route to Cancun Airport

I wonder if it's safer to not wash
at the germ infested sink

Chau Caribbean

Hello Toronto

Oh "Air" Canada

Bye Toronto

Long day

Back in Calgary

Filled my fridge!

Good night!!!

sausage stew

A fine Tequila for Quarantinis

44,000 pesos worth much less than
when I exchanged it mid March.

Everyday Breakfast

Work project, Get one of these to work

More breakfast, haha

Other Stuff

Perfect for Playa del Carmen

"Jet Sky"?  Nice misspell

Wild ride and even wilder rider

Never did get that ball fixed
$2 was too much
How you say Good-bye in German

Love the 3 x 2 prices
at the Pharmacy

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