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May 2020 - Covid, you still here? - Getting out of the house

A month where I finished my self imposed isolation and began to join the outside world again. A little BBQ, grocery shopping, sailing, diy sauna, gardening, bub crawling, bike riding, motorcycle shopping and blackberry buying were some of the activities that filled May.

Learning to love TV viewing again through series, movies and video games to pass the time. Ordering online things I don't really need as well as getting way too excited to go for groceries!

Ron S of Parks and Rec

Created my own player NBA 95

$70 knife and board set
FREE with my air miles.

hmm $5 for 2 packs and
 $4.98 for 1???

Better get your vitamins!
Using up my 200,000 pts 
to get $300 worth of stuff!

Good start

DIY Sauna that was fun to play around with and good in theory, but so far not enough heat to take off my clothes. There's work to be done in June!

Trying to figure out a way
to hold the rocks over the fire

Found benches around the yard
Nailless and screwless set up

Fire out, now tarp it up

Kinda cool.  Need magnets
and hotter rocks!

Ride around the Reservoir

Nice view of Reservoir

Across Glenmore towards downtown

A little backyard BBQ action

Look at that feast

Sprinkle of rain to get a 

Self Bub Crawl - too many non responders and others who decided to have a bub crawl the day before left me one on one with myself the bike and beer. Oh well, I'm just going to be me. 

"Where does he get those 
wonderful toys?"

More 1980's stuff

"F! Covid, bring back the economy" rant by some protesters setting up for a demonstration. 

Extra road space for riders
and bladers

Tasty AGD made in Calgary

Down 17th dodging the cops

Fun day

Ah crap, 1986

Will need to try 2020 glue

Zinc still on!

Nature and Gardening - Planted a garden and tried to get all my dandelions under control...who am I kidding, those things are ridiculous. 

Let's clean this off

That looks better

I got my eyes on you with your
eyes on my garden Mr. Squirrel

Look at the roots on those 

Removed dandes looks like
a mine field.

I earned my snack and beer

Lots of animals at Mom's

"Let me help"..."No"

Let's go sailing Dale! First time out for the season and first time out to Ghost Lake. With the Calgary Reservoir closed waiting for water levels to rise we decided to trailer the boat out to Ghost to sift through the crowded launch and enjoy a great day of sailing.  Awesome. 

Mast going up

New beer holder set up

Velvet fog and Rocky Mountains

Ghost Dam in the background

Other Stuff

Calgary made Velvet Fog...mmm...good

The repaired
Sony Sport Walkman

Starting a band??

Empty Montana's Resto
picking up some tasty ribs

Covid testing station

Every second table ... no sitty sitty

Checking out possible Hondas

Some history from 2000 ishs

What's this a new Key2!

The last of a brilliant era

Whole crap 350 yd drive!

Crazy deal on Kind Bark which is normally $7.98 a pack which I would never pay!

Limit of 12...

$84+ in savings!!