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April 2020 - Covid19 Lockdown at Home, Eat and Sleep Well

A month of lock down in Calgary.  Stayed home except for food shopping, bike rides and some driving around town.  

Let's just go through it shall we. To be completely honest the month blew by faster than any other time in my life.  Watching series, movies, retro video games (Mario 3) eating a keto like diet including fasting, yoga every day, and feeling the compulsion to shop.  I didn't realise how entrapped I am in the consumer world, that classic feeling that if you are not constantly buying something you do not feel complete...Wow.  All and all I initially thought this lock down was bad for us, but I now believe it was very necessary to help us reflect on out rat race based lives.

Spinach, Kale, Banana, Blueberries
Morning shake - Blueberry
Banana, Kale, Spinach

Afternoon shack

Wednesday Wing Nights on Zoom with Brendan, Nathan, Chris and guests.

Yam fries and a few wings

My grad mug from 200

Retro video gaming on Nintendo (1984).  Took the month and I had to leave the machine on as this was before passwords and saving progress, at least on Mario anyway!

World 3 of 8

One of the worlds complete

Zoom party with some Mexican friends

Newfoundland made Vodka Martini
for my Quarantini

Not a bad look

Party time
Snow day.  Not so bad to be stuck in your house while this white stuff fell the night before. 

A little care package from Mom


Gathering all my sanitisers

No rush to get outside

But OH my 14 day mandatory self-isolation ended!  So outside I went.

He's alive

What the hell?

First day out of the house and
moving Tom's apartment
More wings

How about prawns

Daily snack

Mario not helping my broken
 finger from Mexican Vball

Mom's new buddy

Beautiful icicle tree

Covid regulations at 
Super Store

A little bbq with some horse shoes and later on to a fire pit and poi show

Go Kent

Ahh...lady bug

Finally found some popcorn

Helping out a buddy's dad doing a quick (not) brake job.
Tidy new rotor

All four done

Happy days

The best of the bad tequila options

So I bought Canadian
"Alberta Premium

I love me Thirsty Beaver


Yard upgrades, work and inventions.................................................................

Good location

For a something???

This needs a work over

There, ready

A little discovery mission in my Mom's basement............................

My grandparents player

My old Nintendo.  Now I can 
give Chris's back. Wait it's

These could have been my

Some of my old toys

Found it all, Nintendo and 
Sega Genesis 

GI Joe - Whoa!
Back to the wild of my backyard.................
These guys could carry you away

What is this???

This can eat up the days

And with this cheater
"Game Genie" I can get ... the Princess!

Oh man, found my cassette library
Now that's a sticker (1984)
Shined up my Truck

Damn, that's going to ruin
the shine on the truck

On the bike, awesome

"Parks and 
Recreation" to 
get through Covid

Other Stuff

My $10 Superbowl bet win

Is that a deal??? $1 first 3 then
$.98 after limit???

Engineer "Clark Kent"

Engineer "Superman"

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