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June 2020 - Stick and Disc Golf, 2017 Vstrom, Beard Trim, Fondue, Allergy Tests

Taking the path less gravelled getting out of the house in June to check out Fish Creek Park, buy a new Vstrom motorbike, hit a few Pubs, play some stick and disc golf, get a professional beard trim, enjoy a fondue and take some allergy tests by Dr. Doctor.

First time ever riding through Fish Creek Park.  Better late than never!

The path less gravelled

Up above the Bow River South

Annie's Cafe, the only show in town

Hey everyone, meet Styker, he's a 2017 Suzuki Vstrom with lots of extras.

Lots of extras not even on the bike

Changing the studded tires out

There, that's better. Smooth!

Some pub action. I do enjoy getting out on the bicycle and earning a few pints!

Rose and Crown Pub
Captain Highliner-ish
mmmmm, Wild Rose at New Castle Pub

A company outing for a round of Disc Golf at the "membership has its privileges" Parkland.

Uncle Dale, Where's hole 3?

Putting with a deer in the way

Gorgeous shots near the end of the day at Serenity.

Hole 3 on Suncatcher.  Hitting over the water.

Time for a beard trim.  Thank you Mel and assistant Vero.

Here we go

Looking good

That's service

Mom approved

Hanging with Heather on the Siren 17 on the Res

Good times

Other Stuff

Nice shot of the Bow

Horrible design...

Well...I killed the weeds...
and everything else!

Mandatory mask coming
down the pipe, exciting...

Allergy testing at Doctor Joel Doctor's office.  Really...

Checking for allergies

Wood Pollen and all North
American Grass

Fondue at Vero's


What a view atop a friend's place

Remember these hoops you
put on the back of your door

High school hookie with Dan, Josie and Kate