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July 2020 - Stampede Spirit, Highwood Pass, Hockey again!

In the month I got out of the house for Canada Day, back to Hockey, Stampede sort of, Roofing, Golfing and of course Sailing.  A few road trips including the Highwood Pass and Red Deer Lake by motorbike and then at the end of the month West by airplanes to Kitimat, British Columbia for work.

Quick bicycle ride around for Canada Day to Paddy's and Annex for a few beers with Nathan and his work buddies.

The world in front of me

My fav shirt!

Back to Hockey finally!  A little disjointed with covid half capacity dressing rooms so I had to change beside the rink like when I was 5 years old, except this time I was standing there naked!

Flames Central Arena

Good morning

Game on

Ready to go

A 400 km ride down to Long View then over the Highwood Pass (2206m, highest in Canada) finishing through Kananakis to Cochrane on Highway 1A. Tony on a Harley and Norm on a Victory and of course me on Stryker the Suzuki.

Meet up in Woodbine

Entering Kananakis from the SE corner

Mountain sheep

Tough elevation bicycle people

Lots of people out for covid

Highwood pass, so loud behind a Harley, uff!  Ranging temperatures on the day from 21C to 12C through the Pass. C-6, R-8, T-2/3, V-7.

More sheep

Look at that!

After a beer at Kananakis golf course

Highway 1A East of Morley Trail, nice and curvy.

Ghost Lake/Dam

Good ride boys, dinner in Cochrane

A few outdoor Covid safe events around Calgary.

Good crew for a late day sail

That looks narly


Disc golf at the famous and busy Baker Park (first time for me).

Light it up!

Trusty XD can handle it...yikes!

Stampede cancelled so why not a little Stam-Pete and a BUB Crawl!!

Winning Pete's kid's Pets

Knife throwing??

As mentioned, the 4th annual Stampede BUB Crawl*.

Start at Paddy's, I like it here

Rose and Crown

Hang on, how does this work?
Requested Mark wear boots
which I assumed meant full
cowboy gear...oh well

Clearly "telephone game" boots
didn't get through to the others

Stampede BUB Crawl*****

More fun later in the month at Brendan's for some roofing...not just shingles but I mean replacing the internals!!!

That's the beginning

Coming along

Good lunches for the crew

Getting there
Better with shingles on

Golfing with Mom out at Serenity.

Let's have a good round

Following the animal tracks

On Suncatcher

Mom's great swing on Suncatcher hole #3 island

Off to Brendan and Andrea's fun little cabin for the weekend, oh and over to Rimbey for beers at Hawk Tail Brewery.

No patience for traffic, I'll just skirt it

The other Red Deer Lake

Brendan and the kids (not all his)

Great weekend

Love these Black Cows

I wouldn't swim in it, but it looks wild

Tail Hawk has good ideas,
Flights for kids

Flights for Adults

True Canadian Sexy

True Canadian Humour

Death in my garden and yard...sad...

Hail damage to my Tomatoes

Poor Birch dying off

Going down the Elbow River a few times at the Reservoir with a high water level.

Elbow River in the distance

In tight tacking back and forth doing what virtually no other sail boats do.  Whoop whoop!

Beer holders needed in this narrow river


Working!!!  Holy crap.  For the first time since Covid hit I had the chance to do a few weeks in the field out to Kitmat, BC to steer a Direct Pipe install.  A beautiful part of the world and one of the best places to fish salmon (Pink, coho, chinook)!  And absolutely amazing photos along the BC coast from the airplane.

To all those that have to wear a mask every day, you deserve a big hug.  

Mask up son

Air Canada Care Kit

Early morning out of Cowtown

Sunrise lighting the Rockies

Mount Rainer in the distance

Vancouver coast

Vancouver Airport

Tired boy

Tight Express to Terrace

Going North

Bye Vancouver

Look at the colour of those lakes!

A little plateau farming

I'm here...

Other Stuff

Beard boys, Brad and Chad
Eggs benny at Vero

Crepes at Vero's
Really, Bud is Canadian?

Now that's a Ceasar! at Earls

NHL 97 finished

Tight fit