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August 2020 - Kitimat Salmon, Fixin and Selling, Bow Rafting

In the month I finished a work stint up in Kitimat as the Night Hawk,returned to fix and sell stuff, began the first annual NHL team draft for the playoffs and enjoyed the heck out of the Bow River!

I do love going to the field for amazing scenery and this time beautiful weather! The first days of camp life in Covid were an adjustment, but once I got in a rhythm it was pretty good. Job went well although a little odd to have public access to the river right beside us, but it worked out.

Most meals were to go, so
I went outside and grabbed sun

Kitimat River and public access

Our access to get to the River

Yikes...12 hours in this chair

The set up, sending the TBM in

Would be nice to enjoy this place when I'm 
not anyone??

Moving along

What a view

OMG, Chocolate on Chocolate

The Night Hawk

Done working, finally time to enjoy this amazing place.

Night shift weirdos in the Sun

Gorgeous texture of drift wood

A Baby Black Bear

Cody, Ben, Matias fishing away

Let's eat that!

Fire going, ready for some Salmon

Absolutely delicious

That was delicious

Just incredible views on the flight back to Vancouver.

Just South of Squamish

Horse Shoe Bay to the left

Lots of Vanvouver area

Highway 1 Bridge 

Landing the Prop Plane in Vancouver.

Let's enjoy the August...Hockey playoffs?

A quick card draw to start my first annual 
Play Off Team Draft
Some guesses, not quite right

Round 1 - Col vs Ari

Garden Progress

Fix'n and Selling

"Good times at the Brock Hotel"

Rusted out drain, wow.

Just a little glue for a broken corner...
why did I take it apart then??? Damn.

Selling some moto gear
for a buddy.  #KijijiPro.

Fix my phone

Maybe someone should invent a better cup?

Hot day equals a rafting trip down the Bow River! Sun, Rafts, Friends, Chilled Water and Cool Beer.

Thanks for the Raft Kristina

Yeah, Rubber Ducky!

Good times on the Bow River...

Wide open near 22X

Big Sky BBQ Pit near Okotoks

And a final bitch about companies that have "Canada" in their name, but are not owned by Canada nor do they represent the honest and hard working principals of the people.  Air Canada and Canada Post!!! Not truly Canadian in so many ways.

60 days to reply!!! AC a joke again!

Canada Post priority 2 day
took 5 days. Not so dependable.

Other Stuff

Oh crap...a Stye
Actually didn't hurt at all.

Custom back rest. 
Good reuse!

Oh yeah?

Adit golf day

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