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September 2020 - Annual BC trip - Shuswap, Van Islands, Castlegar and Blue Demon Moto

In, the always lovely, September I rode out to British Columbia for my annual visits to Salmon Arm, Salt Spring, Mill Bay, Castlegar and places in between. Oh and I bought another Motorbike "Blue Demon."

Day 1 - Calgary to Salmon Arm. 600 km on Highway 1, mountains, rivers and sunshine. Staying at Pascal's and having dinner at Crown and Anchor. Good times.  Thanks man.

Let's go Stryker!
Entering the Mountains

Teardrop Trailer, kinda cool?
Back to BC
It's nice
What a day

Wild cut through
and runaway lane

Three Valley Gap
Under the road to the Beach

Not too shabby

Day 2,3,4 - All the way to Salt Spring Island and Johnny and Jessica's place. I absolutely love old Highway 1 after Kamloops!  And normally I love a good ferry ride, but at the end of the day to get to Sydney then to Salt Spring it a less desirable late arrival.

Highway 1, 20 km out of Kamloops

Wide open near Cache Creek
Riding along the Thompson River, oh baby!
Boston Flats

Nice train tracks along the river

What a camp site

Fraser Valley, Rocks and Curves

Fraser Valley on Highway 1 between Lytton and Hope Curves 6/7 Road 8 Traffic 3 View8.

In to Vancouver to take the ferry across first to Sydney, drive out, take a U-turn and come back in to head to Fulford Harbour. Then ride 20 min to destination.

Highway 1 Bridge while on route 17.

Good to have a motorbike
straight to the front.
Lots of Bikes at $75 Bike/rider
Looking to Salt Spring

Mask rule for outside?

Steve Zissou taking photos of 
his lizard model

"Take me to Church I'll worship like a dog..."

Good Morning Salt Spring at John and Jessica's Organic "Bright Farms" which you can buy from at the famous Saturday markets in Ganges town. 


Fresh hazelnut

Hike out for a cool refreshing swim. Not as desirable when the temperature was on the low side at 21 C.

Amazing trees

Amazing colour

"Cold as Ice I know!"

The farm

Everything Delicious

Passion flower

Jigger and Cougar

Nice spot, Vesuvius Cafe

A quick chilly dip!

Day 5 - With an opportunity to use a friends sail boat I cut my visit short one day and invited John and Jessica to join me for a sail in Maple Bay.  Holy Crap!  Thank you Vlado!!!

Another ferry

San Juan 25


A porpoise!


San Juan 25 owned by Vlado in the marina and on the water sailing.

A little time on land in the Maple Bay area.

Great bike parking

Shipyard restaurant and bar

You hear about painters
setting up, but I rarely see it

Float homes

Incredible door

You own the house,
 but not the docks...
monthly moorage

A little Vid tour of the Float community

Catch ya later
Water Bird

Day 6,7 - Arts and Craft Beer with Brian and Dallas in Mill Bay.  Brian joined me on the San Juan 25 for an afternoon and then we took his new boat out for a rip the next day. A great stay with these friends from back in the Colt Old Days.

Knife work

Squirrel picnic table

Electrically burnt table

A pen for Brad from deer antler

Turn that S.O.B.

Good PPE

Ripping around with the new boat

Oh yeah

Thanks Brian and Dallas

Day 8,9 - 700 km to Castlegar from Mill Bay.  One ferry, another slowdown on Highway 1 getting out of Vancouver and then amazing riding on Highway 3.  A quick stop in Grand Forks to see the end of Game 7 between Colorado and Dallas at some Russian Resto "Omega". Then on to Luke and Jess's for a few family filled nights and of course a massive Chinese food dinner on the first night where the left overs last 3 days or more!
What time is it...early!
Getting off the Island for the Long weekend

Oh yeah

Ferries passing in the Morning

Good spot

Back to land, slowly East on highway 1 for a few hours in to some serious head wind. Then highway 3 into the desert of Osoyoos at 37 degrees!

Another crash on hwy 1

Hope to Princeton, love it!

Passing a crew of young guys
riding nostalgic bikes

Quick stop at Omega to see
Dallas win game 7

Another great day on the rd

Incredible reflection in the water

Pretty, I always take a photo here around 

37 degrees C!!!!

At Casa Luke and Jess for a few relaxing days

A cool $250 in Chinese food
Luke had to have tempera

The leftovers!

Zenin wanting to eat like Brad

Zaxton showing us 
some serious gaming

Jess's brother Paris ripping up the guitar

True so True!

Luke, Jess, Zayden, Gaby, Zaxton, Zenin

Worst fortune ever

Day 10-12, Via Highway 33 C5/6,R7/8,T3,V6/7 and the backway to Chase off hwy 97 for 450km back Northwest to the Shuswaps, Anglemont for a visit with my old Boss and Friend Art and his son Ben.  Get a little swimming, golfing and relaxing in at their cabin. The bonus to this side trip was avoiding a cold snap in the Eastern BC area.  Swapped 9 deg C for 21 deg C.

Coming back past
Christina Lake

On to Highway 33

Looks like some fire damage

New section of road near Big White ski resort on highway 33.

Entering Kelowna

Kalamalka Lake

On to the back way 

Chase Falkland Road

Chase Falkland Road where I saw a Black bear, but the little guy wouldn't hold for a photo.

Anglemont golf course
Good for drinking

great view on hole 8, Anglemont

Few photos from our round at Talking Rock which is a step up from Anglemont as you can see.


Cart partner Benny

Day 13 - All the way back 650 km to my house on a relatively nice day around 18 C. Another great trip which I always hesitate to do, especially this year, but so happy I did it.

Leaving Anglemont

Leaving Shuswaps for another year

Well inside the Rockies again

Part of Roger's Pass


Other Stuff

I'll take it out of the tip

Very focused Ryan sharpening
my Iconic Graf's no longer in 
business. Ryan's still in 
business in his garage, haha.

Chris, Jenny, Adam and Holly

Time for a shave?

Yes I have a mouth

Reservoir looking good

Little outdoor band practice
with Tom

What more do you need?  24 of AGD
and the Whiskey Bible winner for 2020
made right here in Calgary!

Garage is getting full
Stryker meet Demon

How did Dillon even ride this moto?
Met him in Red Deer, the halfway point.

This is fun!

OMG Korean chicken!!

Colt catch up with Simon
on the links

Amazing on Suncatcher

Super Memories!  The boys and me on my 16th birthday dressed for outdoor drinking at a near by park in December... -15C I believe it was.  And then an end of the year photo for grade 11 or in our case I think only Mike was finishing Grade 11 on pace to complete high school in 3 years.

Ben, Mike, Damian, Tyler, Bubba

Add Darren in to the mix

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