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November 2020 - Boat Found, Out of the Field and In to Mexico

 In this month we found a boat to take to Vancouver Island, completed my final field stint for the year near Vanderhoof, and plunged back to Mexico to the surprise of all.

Continuing our plan and building knowledge Dale and I went to look at a friend of a friend's Hunter 295 which had spent a few years on the West coast after being imported from the US.  About as big of a boat that you can legally transport with a pickup truck.  "Wide Load".  Thanks to Thomas for showing us his boat and opening his mind to the idea of doing a boat share with us...Let's see how it goes. 

Hunter 295 and trailer

Building a friendship with Thomas out at a Southern Lake helping him put away his other more trailerable boat, MacGregor 26.

Windy but amazing day

Thomas' Mac in the middle

Off to the Hoof! My last stint of field work for the year Northeast of Vanderhoof, British Columbia for 15 days as a Site Engineer for a major pipeline project.

Northeast from Vancouver

Prince George

A good amount of gear for 
2 Engineers

About 1 hr drive to Vanderhoof and the camp to be my temp home the next 2 weeks.

Masked up anywhere out
of your room

Longest temporary bridge in the world

The set up

Shaddy in the pipe

adjusting to nights

Like night skiing

what's that?

It's Aurther

Hour drive to site, beautiful some days

Some days not, Snowy!!!

And back home

I'm taking my bike and going South! 
Right at the end on the month it was time to get out and just before Alberta locked down the province again. Who knows for how long...

I decided to try bringing a bike from Canada this time in order to have something of more quality and to bring a few other things with me too.  Thanks Thomas for the bike and help packing it.  $60 for the bike, $35 for second bag and oh another cheeky $50 for "Handling".  

Box it and go

Made for fun in Mexico

Too hot!

Covid protocols, nailed it!
Arriving at Playa ADO

Bike built at 10:30pm!

Site of my old bike robbery

Under construction on 5th

Why be ready for Xmas??

Missing beach at Panama Jacks, so 
no Volley Ball here

Other Stuff
Oops...short carrots

Look at that at Big Sky BBQ

Nice one

Brike Innovations

Apple store taking over the side entrance and human rights

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