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October 2020 - Sailing, Saunas and Second Hand

A nice little month, and warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors, sailing and saunaing. As well, I dove deeper into the world of second on Kijiji.

Probably should get on the

A light start

Fall colours

I skippered us as close as we had ever been to the weaselhead bridge.

Job done, take us home skipper

After my trip to BC I began to dream on having a Sail boat on the West coast somewhere near Nanaimo. Perhaps something trailerable in the under 30 feet range from Alberta. Dale and I went out to Ghost Lake Marina to see some deeper keel boats.  A few C&C boats 26,27' and a McGregor 26'. Too be continued...

C&C 27'

Bloody high up!

Determined to make the backyard sauna function properly Kyle and I made some design mods.

Bending some ducting

Reduced down to two tarps

Some clips and magnets

Better grill, more rocks

Hotter, longer
More hungover, whiskey
is not a good beer replacement

Second hand kinda. Softly used and/or Brand new.

Brand new $65, but $20 for me
and still brand new

New $500, Used twice $100 for me

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 
New $180, for me $40


All free, just be nice to your
fav station

Other Stuff


Tasty pickles from the 
Polish Shop

Vegan  Sushi or Vegetable rolled in Rice

Sweet and Sour
and Spicy Korean chicken

OMG, Honda is simple to work on

And finally, I few screen shots from a very trippy 1977 "Wizards" film.

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