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December 2020 - A month of Music, Guitar buy, Band practices, bday

 Join a band, buy a guitar, watch the stars and take a that's a great month!

Moved in to my 1 bedroom apartment at the beginning of the month.  Great price ($600 CAD) and everything I need.  I actually lived on this street before which is a 15min walk to the centre of town and only 5 min to beach. 

Love the kitchen set up

King bed

Settled in to my new place for at least the month and began living the beach town life...

My fav cheap and cheerful
"El Negro", 3 shrimp tacos
and a beer for $6USD

Love this little mosquito eater

Birthday yet again, happens every year.  This year I figured I should celebrate a little.

Pricey $18 cut and shave

Not too shavey


Love you Mom

Octopus at Trujillos

Crickets on the side 
of this Mezcal

A little "El Diabilito"
by mistake

Open Mic chance I passed on with Eduardo and friends only having 1 hr practice before this came along. Turned out to be among friends mostly in the audience too. Fun time.

Love this sign

Mati and friends
Imagine a Rainbow flavour

Eduardo starting off the open mic at Los Pescadores Craft Brewery.  "All I What Is You" - U2

Encore with everyone "Don't Let Me Down" - Beatles 

Hot and tired on the beach
Sweating off the canadian layer 
of grasa.

Hot and Perturbed on the beach

Taped up and still going

A few shots under water at Xpu-ha beach which costs 50 pesos to enter.  Oh well, not an everyday thing.


After Aku-mal 
Eyeball Tacos!!! at El Nero

And fun cocktail
at Tiny Tiki
watching Alan
and girlfriend

Making things work...

Do to humidity a few keys on 
my laptop not working EDC3.

Basketed Bike

Government regulations 
stating if you want to drink
you must Eat something???

Slowest construction ever

Easy to scale the "secure" wall

Tasty Ceviche

Specialty of my house 

Just good

Great sign!

Amazing Asado
by Leandro at Lalo's
And a little music too

Through my musician buddy Alan I bought a nice sounding Taylor GS Mini after he and Sebastian put on a show.  Always recommend buying a guitar off a Pro musician with the help of another Pro musician.  I paid full price for the great musician's travel guitar, stand, extra strings, fender cable installed mic, strap, travel case and one celebration beer (9500 pesos, $625 CAD).

Sebi playing his headless guitar.

Sebi and Alan jamming away.  I just watched...haha

A little guitar sample by moi.

Coco time.  Landlord Gerardo cut down a few coconuts for me and a few others in the building.  Really loving my time in this building.

Jam session at Lalo and Claudia's with a few musical stars from Montreal, Andrew and Lisa.

And finally Lalo's "El Toston" 50th birthday and NYE. A few DJ's including Lalo's son Gabo and a drunken jam around 4am after a few spots of rain finishing the night at 7am. 

Me, Michelle, Lalo, Katia

Other Stuff

Great beer
Worst mask wearing award of 2020
My new roomie
Ants are truly amazing creatures.  I could watch them all day.  Their scouts signal in reinforcements and they begin the clean up, recovery.  More amazing is that I have no idea where they come from, return to.

Sometimes it takes
them a bit to get 
going the right 
direction, but they
get there.