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February 2021 - Super Bowl, Volley Ball, Hair, Food and Drink, Plus Coco Reef

Lots of random stuff in this month. Started with a Tom Brady Super Bowl like every other year, a bit of beach time with a Volley ball and with out, ladies night, snorkelling at coco beach and an very talked about Chela de Playa other random Other Stuff...

Brewery in Playa
Got a free beer for
this grueling shoot 

Super Bowl 55: Tom Brady Buccaneers vs Kanas City Chiefs.  We ran a table of bets on First Fumble, First TD, First Coach's Challenge, etc and which team was what...I got last place, but still a fun time and a happy crowd at Lalo and Clau's. 

On the projector
Wrong helmets
my bets were better
Not a bad spot just down from my place.  Las Hijas Beach 3rd floor.

Food and Drink section

Ceviche and 4 beers for $12 USD
at El Negro

Chocolate Competition
Canada vs Mexico

Almond butter treat
Marzapan "De La Rosa"

Apparently a Good one
Better be for $20!

Stocked up on Guinness only
available in Cans and Bottles!

Me and Lee at Club de la Cerveza
taking down a few Guinness

Time for a hair repair...
Old man

New man

Volley Ball: Running out of Beach and Nets!

Disappearing beach at Juarez

Net research
250-400 pesos

Coco Beach net set up options

2nd gluing on Vball glasses

Ladies Night at IT Hotel, Elephant Roof Bar which can be good when it's not too busy because when it is you might as well order 4 drinks in advance.

Team decided to finish 3/4
bottle of Vodka with 
Lemon Drops

Too Drunk to get in a bar Claudia?

Hammock Hangover

Snorkelling the reef at Coco Beach.  I do love the days with no wind! Thanks for joining Borch

Borch Fish

Other Stuff

Early 2000s Retro shots with Mike D!

Calgary Corporate Challenge

Brent's stag


Trivia night

Brewery in Playa
Got a free beer for
this grueling shoot 

Good tan line

Oiler Hockey

Love me some Ants!

Two Little Birds
on My Doorstep

January 2021 - Yacht to Isla Mujeres, Snorkelling, Strong flu, Puerto Aventuras, Cover "Wonderful Tonight"

Rough month bookended with fun.  Out on a Yacht, surviving the flu, social distance parking, Puerto Aventuras, great food and a cover of Eric Clapton "Wonderful Tonight".

Want to rent a yacht? Ok...An afternoon motor out from Cancun to Isla Mujeres.  Good fun, but I'm not sure I would recommend that type of tour exactly unless you like a bit pricy, a bit choppy, a bit of coronitas (200ml x24) and a bit short on time all day long.  Some smiles, some snorkelling and some ceviche, oh and the alcohol we brought!

Here we go...Coming out of the Hotel Zone

I didn't know Pirates was filmed in Cancun?!

Hotel Zone

Snorkelling on the West side of Isla Mujeres

Hey Michelle


Tasty El Negro Ceviche

North Beach of Island Mujeres

Going through the narrows of Isla Mujeres

Why go all the way to Cancun when you have this snorkeling right here...A little snorkelling at Coco Beach...when the water is clear.


Do you have any $80 birthday cakes?

All the left over 
Xmas cakes

A few happy days before the "Sickness"

So tasty


Garrapinados, delicious

Cubete, bucket of 5 beers

And then the bad...strong flu...

40 seconds!!!

Not feeling too good

A combo of sick and
volley ball helped me lose 7kg.

Gotta love private health care
Discount price days

I hope no one wants to steal
my sample

That's what it would have cost at the
"International Clinic".  All in I spent $1000 pesos

Good recovery food at

and at casa Brad

First time at Puerto Aventuras.  A gated development about 20-30 years back when one man said "I need a place for my boat". It now hosts 22,000 people and a few marinas, but I wouldn't say it's for the common man.

With Love Birds Clau y Ed


Other Stuff

Social distanced parking

Or to me...A free parking space!!!

A little walk on the back 
can't hurt

God dammit Lalo!
I didn't know red wine stained
blue like that...

Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton