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March 2021 - Volley Ball Issues, Holbox, Bdays, Carolina, Bad Fuji Camera

Another month in paradise playing in the sea, playing on the sand, playing in Holbox, enjoying Haydee's and Paula's bdays and kinda enjoying a crazy day that began at Carolina's in the Hyatt on the beach. 

Recommend: Flank steak tacos at Cecina de Yecapixtla.

Don't Recommend: Fuji XP130 camera, Don't Buy!

More great Snorkelling off Coco Beach and the last photos from my underwater Fuji Pix XP130 which died after ONLY 3 years or less. It's sad that we accept disposable electronics in a society that aims to reduce waste...I'm confused...

More Volley Ball... so more set up drama finding places where the Narco run business will leave us some space when I could find a net to play with!  Unfortunately amazon has been short of net packages so it was time to consider building one.

Needed Sports Massage
In home 2hrs for $40 USD

Maybe here

After Vball Clamato Sol

Coco Beach - Narco setting up poles to rent a

Thinking of building a court
$13 to $20 for a just a net

Some design options

That's the idea since the hotel won't let us use
their empty one

Finally took a day trip to the super hyped Holbox (pr. Holebosh).  Always seems odd to leave your own beach town paradise to go to another, but everyone else is doing it.  I would recommend at least a night stay as it's about 2.5 hrs to arrive and then 2.5 more to return to Playa del Carmen including a few ferry waits.  All in all good to go check it out seeing we never did in 2018 when I sailed from Texas to Isla Mujeres passing HolBox which was an issue for the crew at the time.

Chiquila the port of boats to
Holbox ($10 usd each way)

Private boat for $13usd per person
Good option when the weather is nice

Holbox marina

Another $3 per taxi to go 6 blocks

First looks, long beach
swallow water

Much busier than I expected
Big points for the Sunset

Hard Rain!

Great time for lunch at 

Hiding at the covered courts near my place

Happy Birthday Haydee

Argentina Asado by Agustin

Happy bday Girl


Afternoon birthday party for Pauly at the Hyatt's Coralina which is as you expect it, Ridiculous with a price that bares the ridiculousness. Parading bikini girls come to your table with machine guns full of champagne in some theme or another.  Some tables are $2000 USD!  Good for an experience I suppose...

beach to the left and pool to the right

Other Things

Scoot you go...

Compression on Audacity

How the goalies have changed over the years

Close call
The Love of the Rose!
Watched some retro wrestling on Plex

New 2nd location now near my place, tasty!
Cecina de Tecapixtla
Flank steak taco

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