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April 2021 - Jazz, Masters Volley Ball, FIVB, Cancun Hotel Zone, Fresh Fruit

This month was based on keeping the fun going eating fun stuff, listening to good music and taking care of the body. Plus a bonus in person viewing of some Pro Beach Volley Ball in Cancun!

Jazz night at CMC where they have a long list of beers, but only the expensive craft beers are available.  Nice trick right?

Yum, MonteLobos!

Little water for this 
broken bird

Skinny could use a little
more than water

Look at the toppings at the local Hamburger joint

At Buffet 10, huge meals
for only $5 usd

Some tasty papaya

Fresh coconut every month

Good spot to private tan

Hot as balls out here

Took a chance to donate/pay $10 to play in a "Masters" volley ball tournament of players over 40 years old. I was given the oldest player who hadn't played in a year to be my partner which helped with my nerves not be the weakest in the tournament. Thanks Carlo, it was fun.

Third place Crispy and Michel who kicked
our butts.

Tough to sit 45 min between
Masters Tournament video of some early round action

End of the
Day Final

Few beers with friends.  Dos Equis Lager and Bohemia Weisen are a few of my favs at the moment, one cheap and easy to find and one pricy and in 1 or 2 spots, respectively.

Viktor's roof top pool

Jared at Baton Rouge

A great Saturday evening with Ana in Sol Y Mar in the Cancun Hotel Zone which was never a spot I expected to find myself, but it was too good a situation to pass up.  A lovely afternoon/evening right by the sea with a lovely girl. 

In front of Sol y Mar

Dive Bombing for Fish. Definitely a good way to knock your eyes out...

Federation of International Volley Ball for 3 weeks in Cancun to hold 3 separate events in a Covid bubble. My friend Melissa volunteered to work the games for the full 3 weeks without being able to leave the bubble and she loved every minute of it! We stopped by to have a look.

Pro Vball, whoa!

Sky ace by the Top Italian team according to the rankings. Carambula/Rossi.  

Me and Ana scoping

Nice seats

Good music at Baton Rouge even though it's on Gringo street/Quinta Ave. it is worth going for a good stage and awesome bands. 

Intro de
Ana Maria

Other Stuff

Finally had to take Antibiotics

Over the top. It's not my 
individual bucket of ice

New friend Fivy

Tasty mango with spice

Caring for neighbour's cats

Beginning to look at my 
Immigration Situation

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