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May 2021 - Coupling up, Villas Marlin, NHL playoff pool

Really enjoying life in the South. A nice month for some beach, volley ball, sunsets, planks, pets and hugs. Awwwww  Bonus NHL playoffs began!

8am morning Beach Group moved to Coco Beach for the month where there was still some good beach and great vibes. Medium level 2 vs 2 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday thanks to Damon, Christina and Billy for always setting up.

Alex, Sara, Me, Billy, Shirley, Damon, Christina, Reny

Not the standard outfit

Ana time
A quick afternoon on the beach at Playa Secreto.  Always nice to have time on the beach with Ana.

Nice Couple


A wonderful time with a wonderful girl at Villas Marlin in Cancun.  Sunset, Smoke and a few Songs remembered off the top of my head.


Nice Saturday
Happy photo

4 minute planks to stay in a little shape

Thanks for this Ana!

A little afternoon ride with Fivy and Ana.  Sorry Chato, no cats on this ride.


Fun times

2nd annual NHL team playoff pool, go Oilers (for the last time!).  Essentially 4 people choose 4 teams each in a draft style. 1 point per game won and bonus 1 point for shutout. Not so confident in my picks especially when my number 1 pick (3 in draft) Edmonton Oilers lost in 4 straight games in the first round with the best player in the world!

My picks; Edmonton, Washington,
NY Islanders, ST Louis
Not good

Other Stuff

Caring for Sarah's cats

Editing my 2nd script

What the hell is going on?
Stairs up to nowhere

And I thought I found the biggest box, not true

Wednesday rehearsals
Dancers on the patio at
Tequila Barrell

Fur Family
Fivy and Chato