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August 2021 Part 1 - Valladolid, Cenote Saamal, Merida and Izamal

Beginning of the month we took a little trip to see how things would go with the dog in tow. Of course we didn't go far as it was just a test, haha.

A great start with a smiling dog and happy girlfriend.  Who doesn't like to get out of the city even just for a few nights.

Nice, getting to ride up front
Smiling Fivy

Day 1 in Valladolid (2 hours from Playa) staying at Alux HB with a sweet little pool, hammocks for everyone and it's pet friendly too, which does limit our choices, but hey there's always one good spot in town.

Hammock fun...

Caught napping on the...vacation :)

Always amazed what's built in to animals

In the pool with my little buddy who is a natural swimmer even though she may look like a sinker, haha.

Good job

Nice little church off the town
square "San Servacio"

Cenote Saamal, an open air, very touristy spot that is ok.  Parking, a nice set of stairs, a spot for the dog and a waterfall feature.  Nice to be the first ones in the water!

Is that a Starbucks?

Long way down

First ones!
Loud when you swim under

Little dock mystery
Did it sink or did the water rise?
Hold on to your hats folks!

Finally made it to Merida (Day 2) a colonial town that is capital to the state of Yucatan about 4 hours drive from Playa del Carmen. A town seemingly full of history and restaurants especially along Paseo de Montejo.  Apparently one of the safest cities in Mexico.

Welcome to Merida
Hotel Las Monjas ($38/nt)
Hey little buddy

Monumento Justo
Sierra Mendez

El Apapacho dinner with a rose
Who's really in charge?

On the way back home we took a pit stop in Izamal the town where everything is painted yellow.  "I wonder what happens if someone wants to paint their house blue or red?" asked Ms Ana

yep Yellow

Good trip

Other Stuff

Missed you guys
It's not Loser it's Loser as my
Argentina friend proclaimed

Worst place to lose your
bike lock key...

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