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July 2021 - Cenotes Punta Esmeralda and Azul, Volley Ball, Copa America, Residency

A fun month making it to a few Cenotes, stepping up my Volley Ball abilities, enjoying Copa America and the big one of getting my Temporary Residency, yeah!

Spending a morning at Punta Esmeralda only a 10 minute bike ride from the centre on Playa del Carmen with the lovely Ana. A little crowded, but hey what do you expect for a small free cenote in the city.

I've seen deeper!


Fun in the sun

Let there be Volley Ball...every day, week, month...

Volley ball warriors

Great play in video evidence!

Cenote Azul new to me and one of my favourites so far.  I love the wide open style cenotes.  Great colours and water temperature too.

One of the first to arrive

Hi Ana

So clear

Love these little dead skin eaters

Love this place

Argentina vs Brazil for Cup of America.  Who looks more like an Argentinian me or Leandro??


Buenos Aires goes wild

A night in Cancun at Sol y Mar before going to Immigration to get my Temporary Residency, BOOM!

Room with a view from the master bedroom of a 4 bedroom 4 story split level beach front villa.

Viva la Vida de Villa!!

Nice balcony

Good life

After 2 months and $650 usd I received my Temporary Residency good for 4 years which may just be the place to hangout during the craziness.

Senor Costa

Other Stuff

Canada Patriot
Ryan crushed the NHL playoff pool

Donkey masked up

Not the nicest 

Great favour cider

Practice move out

Good friends
Big tasty MU burger
Vball net design

Excited dog

Overdosed on Milk Cat

Too close! Another man in 
my personal space

Made not for me with Love


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