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August 2021 Part 3 - Oaxaca; Huatulco, Zipolite, Mazunte, San Jose del Pacifico, Teotitlan, Oaxaca City, Huajuapan de Leon

Our road trip continued in to Oaxaca, the Mezcal state, South to Huatulco then West to Zipolite and Mazunte which are practically beside each other then North to San Jose del Pacifico, Teotitlan and Oaxaca City and finally West again making our last stop of the state in Huanjuapan de Leon. More to come in the next posts...

Day 6 - Huatulco. Our 500 km day began after the Sumidero Canyon tour so we had some ground to make up if we were going to wake up to the Pacific Ocean. Actually quite an easy drive aside from a super choppy section on the flats near the wind farms before Salina Cruz, Chiapas and the crazy Semi driver who we reported to the police with a beer in hand.

Mid afternoon pee stop

Lots in this pic especially the 
idea of how the farmers move
their live stock

The Pacific just after Salina Cruz

Huatulco reminds me of a small town in Hawaii in the middle of nowhere with developed roads and communities with big chain stores.  Weird.  But we still found a piece of quiet beach below our "Hills" hotel.

Huge pool for only 6 hotel rooms!
No pets on the bed rule in 
effect of course
Excellent spot

Bit of a hike to the beach trying
not to get lost

Always fun getting Fivy in the water.  Even more
fun is people freak out thinking she's drowning!

Day 7 - Zipolite. An hour West you will find this town on a little peninsula. Rustic, with a spread of hotels right on the beach with views of strong surf coming in and naked people walking past.  Yes that's right it is one of Mexico's nude beaches boasting more nudes than clothed patrons, yet we never got naked...Next time! 

It takes two.  Me with half the load.
More of a classic beach
Leave it cleaner than you found it

Too many F'ing DOGS!

Beach front Hotel Neptuno Rainbow looked rough at first, but turned out to be quite good.  Always a little nervous when there is no Air Conditioning, but Pacific Coastal breezes are pretty good.

Rough or Ruff?

Tough sea with a rip.  You know it's bad when
 a passing local watches for your safety.


Making poo bags look cool

Due to Covid all restos shut at 9pm.
Sal y Pimienta
Got a quick tasty burger
Great fries!!

Day 8 - Mazunte. Took a quick stop in the town beside Zipolite to check out Punta Cometa which we couldn't find the entrance to so we asked directions at Altamira Hotel and just couldn't leave!  Amazing spot and on promotion as they were under light construction. $50 a night!

"Who builds a cemetery 
beside a hotel?" te amo
I take it you want to stay for the night
Me too

A basic, comfy, very private room with a view

Alright lazy bones

Up we go, right beside hotel

A little sunset tour of Punta Cometa

Love this beach colour mix

Seems like the best view to me...

You were beautiful

Hiking buddies

After a hard day it's great to relax in an infinity pool looking to the moon above the ocean.

Like I said
How did you get up here
little froggy

I'll be your moon baby
And your rock star

Day 9 - San Jose del Pacifico. Another long windy day up in to the mountains once we realised Puerto Escondido was closed due to government pandemic limitations which are less followed in smaller centres like the ones in the previous days. 

We began our Mezcal tour 2021 (as Oaxaca is famous for Mezcal) at the side of the road shortly after leaving Puerto Escondido where 3 or 4 shots later and 2 bottles purchased the lady pouring recommended we stop in San Jose as Oaxaca city was another 3 or 4 hours beyond that and truly out of range for the day.

Whether it's a crime scene or closed for Covid
you never want to see the yellow tape!

Stay cool, refuse to be Old
Lost on this wonderful road
to San Miguel.  Really that's
a highway!
Just caught sunset at San Jose

San Jose is a tiny town with hotels, restaurants and a view, which apparently is packed on Saturdays as we found out.  Searched for a while to find a room and at the cusp of giving up a friendly local found us a spot at a place we actually were at before, El Resplandor.

Love this "Life in 4 Bottles"

Rayito del Sol resto, tasty

That's about half the town

Lookout at town's edge

Day 10 - Teotitlan de Valle, a little tucked away town just outside of Oaxaca near Sierra Madre de Oaxaca.  We got sucked in by a booking accommodation with a 9.7 rating that really was a 8.0 in my opinion.  Regardless we manage to find a few spots and activities.

Out of the mountains on to a
plateau of farm lands.

This isn't a Mezcaleria?? of Coatecas Altas
Main Church of Coatecas

Nice Car Adventure Action shot
seeds of the Agava which is the Mezcal plant

Now that's a good name for a 
Sex Motel "Marilyn Monroe"

Thought we would find a
Mezcaleria here, but we found
a mess instead in that town

A little community party close to our place

The church of Teotitlan

Found this tourist attraction, the local Dam which was quite lovely.

Day 11 - Oaxaca City. A scenic valley city with good views, good restaurants and lovely historic centre for cruising around.  We passed many open windowed bars with live music pouring in to the street. Oh and there seems to be a lot of rooftop patios too.

Not Recommended: Don Mario Hotel unfortunately has a loca owner who claims to accept pets as long as you don't leave them in the room when you aren't Needless to say this affected our experience in town as we didn't feel comfortable to take our dog in to any place with loud live music.

Nice spot to have a work meeting online
from the common balcony of the 9.7 rating

Once you get past the traffic
everywhere, it's pretty nice

view from El Mirador Restaurant

Benito Juarez on this hill

El Mirador accepts pets

Around town
Agava for show

Great walking centre
Temple de Santo Domingo de Guzman

Day 12 - Huajuapan de Leon. Typically 3 hours from Oaxaca, but of course we had to pick up a few bottles of Mezcal at various places on the way. Oh and this is the point in the trip where the constant travel without sufficient rest catches up with you...Cold for Ana and a Fever for Me.

But before that all happened we jumped up to Monte Alban archaeological site which was the capital from 500 BC to 800 AD. I was a little disappointed not to find a McDonald's

Come on Oaxaca, fix your street

Masked and ready to walk 

Can you spot Ana?

Finally on the road after the 3 hour wander at Monte Alban in search of more Mezcal.

Not just wood fire cooking...

You can also buy a used bottle
of no-name mezcal 

Just South of Santa Maria
Pozoltepec Moutain

Protest, road block at 
Junction 190 y 125

After the 1hr plus slow down from the protest I found myself running out of gas around 6pm. Although we had no idea where to stay a solution presented itself on a passing wall as we drove in to Huanjuapan de Leon. "Casa Cantera 2km -> "  Took the chance which worked out perfectly!

Recommend - Following your gut over Booking and Airbnb!

10 hour sleep!

When the guests are around
I need to be here

Pitaya fruit from cactus

View was awesome

This kitty blew fivy's mind

Quick breakfast juice, etc
The lady knew she charged me
 too much so give me a couple
handmade baskets.

Shot glass made from bamboo