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August 2021 Part 2 - Bacalar and Chiapas; Palenque, San Cristobal, Tuxtla

Mid month we began a road of adventure South to Bacalar then West to Palenque then South again to San Cristobal and finally West again stopping at Tuxtla. More to come in the next posts...

Family Road Trip begins...

Apparently everyone wants
to ride up front

Day 1-2 - Bacalar only 3.5 hours South of Playa del Carmen is well worth a look boasting a long fresh water lake about 30 km inland from the sea. Lots of good eats in town (Mr. Taco, Tacos Locos) and great places to stay, Karalv Hotel, right on the water for about $50 usd a night. Valentina passed away.

Wish I could
go out there

On the water to be sure
Oh my, hammock heaven
Swings for kids too
Free kayaks from hotel
On the other side of the lake

Nice peacocks, Pavo Reales

Great family shot
Tasty Mr. Taco in Bacalar centre

Day 3 - A stop over in Palenque for a subpar lunch at Maya restaurant and a comfy stay at Cabanas Safaris. Pretty straight road and quicker than expected as my silly Here Go GPS initially told us it would take 10 hrs when it actually only took 7 hrs. It should be noted that there are ruins in Palenque, but time did not allow for a quick tour.  Also on this day we found out our Music studio was robbed, Shit!  My friends Eduardo and Claudia lost 3 guitars, a bass, keyboard, amps and more.

Load'em up
Nice quiet cabin at Safari's

Day 4 - San Cristobal, get your jackets on! A windy 200 km of road and 6 hours of traffic and construction made for a long day.  Plus the odd kids putting up a rope to stop cars and ask for money in order to pass. I was surprised how quickly the kids dropped the rope when we didn't stop, plus we tailed a police truck for a good amount of time to avoid more rope stops!

Elote party!

Still got a bit of a view
Not much road here
Much curvier than this with these mountain views

This guy over took us!
Por fin

Out on the town for a quick dinner without the kids. San Cristobal is full of restaurants and bars in amongst the lovely colonial setting. Very economic town and stay at El Naranjo Hotel.

Lovely and 15 deg C
A cow and a cat...Dog missing

Morning town tour

The Cathedral 

Day 5 - Short 100km day to Tuxtla GutiƩrrez the capital of Chiapas. Nice stay at Palace Inn Palapal and authentic dinner at Pichanchas. Hurricane Grace hits Tulum and Quintana Roo.

I just had to go up this wild road
Why put the school up here?


Not sure what you're up to 
but I'm not giving you any $$

Dinner and a show at Pichanchas in the centre.

There's a tamal, rice, salad

A video of where that "not so" lovely music was coming from.

You can't just order a glass
of Pumpo
"How was dinner?  You two are getting in late?"

A morning boat tour of Sumidero Canyon before heading to Oaxaca state for a week or so. Beautiful rock walls full of nature and a dam at the end.

What a pose and the first monkey
I've seen in Mexico

Having fun

Happy Days
Christmas Tree Falls

The Hydroelectric Dam

A dirty move by the tour guides asking for tips at the midpoint of the trip while we are docked at the hydro dam no where near land.

Get your cash out!
$20 p each

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