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September 2021 - SolyMar, Hard Rock Golf and other stuff

 A relaxed month after the big trip around Eastern Mexico. A few days in Cancun at the villa and finally got out golfing at the Hard Rock course in Playacar.

Absolutely massive flag



Someone didn't get enough
sleep...or was it something 
they drank?

A round at the very narrow and challenging Hard Rock golf course with Eduardo. Super pricy if you are not a resident...$250!!!  But of course I didn't pay that.  Shot like a million after not playing for a year.

A deer is here!
More deer, Playa has it all
Me and Lalo

Other Stuff

Tattoo'd tan
At Old School
Cuddled in

Tasty eggs benny!

God damn maggots

Pricy and light turkish plate

August 2021 Part 4 - Tequesquitengo Lake, Cuernavaca, Atlixco, Puebla, Villahermosa, Mahahual

Our road trip continued West to Tequesquitengo Lake then North to Cuernavaca where we started our way back East to Atlixco and Puebla for a family reunion then two quick stops in Villahermosa and Mahahual making many kilometres in a short time... 

Day 13 - Tequesquitengo Lake. A nice afternoon drive that got a little tense as the road tightened up as we raced to catch a sunset over the Lake. It didn't help that we were held up by a labour strike for over 1.5 hr.

Nice road early in the day

Cute kids

Huge Cacti!

Beautiful Morelos

A cute kids toilet

Rough road

Just in the nick of time

Tamay Hotel just making sunset

What a view

Took a chance to ask for a room at the seemingly no pets Tamay Hotel after finding nothing anywhere else. They accepted pets and us with no view for $45. How about a room with a view?... Oh's $45 too!

Day 14 - Cuernavaca. A short drive North to the capital city for a one night stay at Home Sweet Home which is pretty good if you are lucky enough to get the one garage spot. Unfortunately Cuernavaca was in covid red so the main attractions were closed.

Shut'er down!

A few souvenirs with some of
our Mezcal buys


One of a few churches sharing
a courtyard in the centre of

Nature's lawnmower

Day 15-16 Atlixco and area. Finally turning back East and meeting up with Ana's brother Erick and family, Jimena and Emilio after our 5 hour day arriving in the tourist town just South of Puebla.

Love me some odd transports

And some crazy carrying

Can't even tell what type of
vehicle it is

Starving for something we
found some delicious local

Just like mama makes

Centre of Atlixco

Tricky to see the famous Popocatepeti Volcano

The whole team for the ride

Cutie Pie

Me, Erick, Emilio, Ana and Jimena at...

Val'Quirico a mid-evil European town...?

Puebla, quick stop to see the biggest Cathedral

Little walk around Puebla

The Cathedral

Puebla is one of the biggest cities in Mexico and only a few hours from Mexico City.

Surviving fun times

After a slightly disappointing stay the first night at Hotel Villas Mariposas due to a monster party that rented out the entire place leaving us stuck in our room more or less...we found this AMAZING spot for less than what we paid at Mariposas.

Finca el Nogal which clearly is set up for massive parties, but not the night we rented it.  Check it out!

What a huge property!

Parking for 16 cars

Cutie, sleeping on my clothes
Enormous Moth!

Day 17 - Long day to Villahermosa which included a hike to the top of San Miguel before leaving Atlixco. Very nice to spend a few days and moments with Erick and his young family.

Extended Family

Cerro de San Miguel

A lot of Atlixco
Alright, back on the road Honey
Still can't see that damn volcano!

Paying $0.10 CAD /km on these roads and we
get to enjoy this 3km backlog for the toll booth!

Oh well, hahaha

Continued on through all kinds of terrain not really taking any breaks in order to make it as far as possible before sunset. 

No luck seeing mountain tops

mountainous near Orizaba

Runaway lane

Near Coatzacoalcos

In Villahermosa a likely oil connected town we stayed at Hotel Casa Real one of the only reasonable options in the unkept and perhaps dangerous centre.  With a temp of 32C in the NIGHT with high humidity we were not fussed to do anything and stayed in our AIR CONIDITIONING resting up for the second big day in row.

Hotel was more like a renovated compound

Day 18 - Mahahual. Early start with some points of interest on the journey ahead. On the North road to the coast and along it there wasn't a lot of space, but a very pleasant drive until we entered the less affluent Campeche where the road was extremely rutted in spots. 

Livestock crossing

A few inlets on the Tabasco coastline
Campeche rutting

If I didn't show the road side trash I would be 
instagramming, hahaha

Gulf Coast

Holy smokes, how is this 
still on the road?

Arriving to Ciudad del Carmen over their toll bridge for $1 USD.

Love the family photo in rear

"I like it"

Back on the road after a less than mind-blowing experience in Ciudad del Carmen.  A quick stop for a skinny dip on the Campache coast at someone's rarely used beach front property. A nice experience.

Hours later after returning via the route from Bacalar we continued North and East to arrive at Mahahual our final stop on this Epic Journey.

Quaint little beach town that is on the 
Cruise Ship circuit 

Everybody destroyed tired
Cruiser in the distance

We did it!

Arrived home in the late afternoon in time to set up a Mezcal tasting for a few Agava Lovers.

Most of these from Oaxaca

Hmm, which is the best?

I'm ready to sleep for a year...