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September 2021 - SolyMar, Hard Rock Golf and other stuff

 A relaxed month after the big trip around Eastern Mexico. A few days in Cancun at the villa and finally got out golfing at the Hard Rock course in Playacar.

Absolutely massive flag



Someone didn't get enough
sleep...or was it something 
they drank?

A round at the very narrow and challenging Hard Rock golf course with Eduardo. Super pricy if you are not a resident...$250!!!  But of course I didn't pay that.  Shot like a million after not playing for a year.

A deer is here!
More deer, Playa has it all
Me and Lalo

Other Stuff

Tattoo'd tan
At Old School
Cuddled in

Tasty eggs benny!

God damn maggots

Pricy and light turkish plate

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