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November 2021 - Mama in Mexico, Buen Viaje Melisa, Carmen Bday, Underwater again

 In the month a good friend returned to Peru, Mama Bear came to Mexico, enjoyed a runaway birthday and finally got a camera to capture underwater again.

My good friend, volley ball partner, ceviche sharer and one of the sweetest people I know returned to Lima, Peru for some family time and work commitments.  Hope to see you sooner than later!


Mama in Mexico for a few weeks, should have stayed longer.  
"I can't believe how much tension I was carrying in Canada"

Mom and Fivy making friends

Beach time

Canada takes down Mexico in Soccer
Las Hijas de Tostadas Beach Club

MAE Thai
Band practice

Happy belated birthday round for Mom.

Less talk more Golf Ladies

Good group
Me, Mom, Lalo, Clau

Tight back much
Much better technique

Great night out at Trattoria for Carmen's 33 birthday.

Started at Trattoria del Centro

First time at Senor Frogs

$5 Heineken! 

Don't spill it!

Dancing in the streets after the bar closed.  Mom you are too much, hahahaha!


Family photo

Need a PCR to go to Canada

A little snorkel with my new to me 2011 Olympus underwater camera.

Little stingray

Nice camera

Other Stuff


SCOBY donation
The things you find at the back
of the cupboard. Not mine!
Drawing work, yeah
So sad broken beer

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