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December 2021 - Birthday and Holidays with Pets. Xmas and NYE.

A pretty full month as December should be.  Ana discovered SCUBA, I passed another birthday, attended a great pre-Christmas party, enjoyed a latin xmas with pets and later friends, and of course NYE! 

Large and in charge

Went to a friends dive shop at Blue Esmeralda for Ana's first ever SCUBA and a skills touch up for me. She had her difficulties in the pool, but did amazing in the sea completing 2 x 12m deep dives.  I was surprised how much she was actually allowed to do.  What a nose bleed...all good.  Thanks to Mau, Fede and Jorge.  Nice to meet you Bart and congrats on your Open Water Cert.

You sure this is safe?
Bouncy control in 1.2 m of water??

Great diving, some lobster hanging in the cracks

What goes where again??

I missed this great underwater world

Love me some Sting Ray

Post SCUBA beers and hockey

and Guinness

Birthday Day and Night...Breaky at Cafe Rivera, Dry Bag, Volley Ball Net, 24 of Guinness, Dinner at MAE Thai.  Thank you Ana for making my day great! And as always thank you to my mom for making me!


Grey highlights and big shirt for that aged look
That's a lot of candles

Thanks for the great bday Amor
Too Hot!

Can't have enough photos of this

Final drink at Baton Rouge

Christmas came early?

Diana, Janine, Cesar
Carmen, Leo, Yo, Ana, Clau, Lalo, Haydee, Agus

Nice Tree

Turkey and lots of tasty
Queen tribute

Thanks Lalo,Clau

Christmas Eve which is actually Christmas in Latin America

Ready for Santa

The cat doesn't care but Fivy does


Someone also won

Brunch in the living room

Tasty!  Thanks Amor.

Fivy "when can I eat everything?"

Ski and Jamie's Christmas Party

NYE and Lalo's Bday

A good year considering C19
and the ups and downs we had
70's theme night
Happy Birthday Lalo!

Nice moves background dancer Brad!

Good times and another good year

Show us the way Clau

He got moves like ???

Nice vintage shoes

Other stuff

Yeah, and what do I do with it?


Let me sleep!

"My life is so tough"
Nobody is working today

Hi kids

Uncontrolled alcohol kills all
Dog bites kill Vballs

Check out that lift system
Everybody needs an assistant
Delicious steak and baked tortillas
"That's a tasty Burger"
Love this folding blutooth keyboard

Rock Hard Quiz Stars
Kombucha makers

This guy may surprise ya

This guy may surprise too!

Nice one Honey

Ah...which end?