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January 2022 - New Year, New Life, New World

A month of one big down in the end of my relationship and lots of big ups like a new "living" apartment that feels like a boat (which is the plan!) and some wonderful time in and around the sea. Also important to mention my new buddy, Milton Jr!

If you recall poor Milton Sr who met his end by tooth of dog.  Well after that instead of throwing him to the trash I went to have him repaired. A friend Mau said he could repair him so I left him on the sand beside many other balls which was mistaken as a ball that no one cared about and was thrown in the trash, damn.  Sad day.  But there is a silverlining...Mau, who was to fix Milton Sr, felt bad that he lost my little buddy and donated a used, but very good AVP tour ball.  Sweet!! Milton Jr!

After nine months with a girl that I initially thought we could have many years and great experiences it was time to separate.  Goodbye Ana (Jan 12, 2022).

Should have gotten roses, jk

Don't go! Oh sweet Chato.

I'm a little sad. Oh sweet Fivy

No way to live. Time to go.

A boat on land?  This place is wild and I loved it the minute I saw it.  Thomas, the owner, spent years piecing together this 5 story set of apartments that he and his family lived in for quite some time. Not a square wall in the place and it feels great.  Bonus that it is only 3 blocks to my favourite beach!

Tour of the place

comfy bed and hammocks too

Well appointed kitchen with everything!
A good landlord leaves a 6!

Re-mineralizer for your 
distilled water
Oh, did I mention the view?

A little view with music

First batch of 
Kombucha on
my own

Night night
What happened last night?
The nightstalker strikes again
Oh ya, sunrises...

Kite surfing in the distance
No AC, so I better fix this fan

Things just appearing in the
morning. Place is alive
Enjoy 4k TV from the hammock

Snorkeling and more snorkeling.  Shots taken with my $20 used underwater Olympus Tough that was a top camera back in 2011 ($300+). I'm definitely an Olympus fan.


So many fish!

Not raining under the water:)

Que huevos

Not very deep at all

Just wonderful reef time.  20 m visibility.

Wild little fishies.

Other Stuff

Yes, yes, yes...De la Rosa!
79.4 kg...175lbs
Lightest I've been in...20 yrs!
Would love to know what 
they are towing
All you can eat BBQ on the beach with
NFL on the TVs.

That's a Five Dollar Shake
And it's Vegan!

Mushroom burger with 
Portobello Mushroom
instead of bread