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February 2022 - Freedom, New Volley Net, Trivia Champs n Lots more

In this month I cheered and cried for the FreedomConvoy22, jumped for my New Vball Net, won again at Trivia Night, tried canoeing, hurt somebody parts and had a blast!  And of course more snorkeling!

Probably the most important story in the last two years for me due to the position Canada put me and so many others over the treatment of "fringe groups" and these ridiculous mandates. The saddest part being that my friends in Canada had no idea my pain until this protest for rights came to a head. The lack of support against discrimination was completely shocking. The scars for many are deep and some friendships no more. On the positive side I was fortunate to see who really is a friend when the going gets tough. Hopefully one day I can return to Canada when the suppression of rights has been lifted.


Here in Playa supporting Freedom

Never forget!
Awesome support

Look at Ottawa city centre

Belated Bday Present. Finally pulled the trigger and bought a Park and Sun Spectrum Pro Volley Ball System from the US. Normally this would not be possible due to shipping fees being the same as the cost of the net. But with help of my lovely friend it was made doable with her frequent flyer status. FREE shipping.  
Thanks so so much Jamie! 

All there
Sweat equity
Yes Yes Yes!

Oh yeah, that will work just fine

Big Trivia Win! With only 1 week left for Manny and Lorena our Tuesday Quiz Night win was just in time. Tied for 1st with 59/60 correct after the papers had been marked we entered the dreaded sudden death. "How many Godzilla movies have been made?" Other team guessed 24 and we went with the exact number by absolute fluke...36!  What a team!!  

Round of drinks for the winners!
More rounds of drinks!

The following week the champs arrived with the Title Belt, but unfortunately the stars did not align on the potential repeat opportunity.
Oh yeah!

Mucho Man?

More snorkel action at Coco Beach

Fish Chaser

Other Stuff

Joined a Canoe Club, F'ing hard!
Look at the colourful kites

so beautiful

The Saturday Night Fever Crew

My morning alarm clock

work work work

Just flew on to my desk

Just flew in from Peru
Hi Melissa!

Tasty treat flew in from Peru
Wake up Melissa

Good use of masks

Good use of fire

Fell leaving the bathroom

Stubbed toe on street rebar, not the first time

So good at Buffet 10.  Pescado Ajillo
First day breakage
Looks so rough from the outside