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March 2022 - Breaking and Building Body and House, 2 Years of Beard, Around The Reef, Nemo

The month of spring saw Melissa's return, a few injuries, beard chop, lots of activities around Coco Reef including getting caught in a storm and other random points of interest. And I found Nemo!!

Welcome back good buddy

A few health moments, bad and good.

Looks worse than it was. Stubbed on doubled
over rebar where a concrete seat used to be.
Good enough for Vball

Major slip coming out of the
shower. Minimum damage!

Off the magnesium
 and on to 
Complete B

Hmm, medication
with this silicate

Time for a look change.  A full 2 years with a beard and 1 year before that with a moustache. I haven't seen my upper lip in 3 years!

Needs work
Profile shots always seem so

Sara waited a few cuts to finally
cut off the beard

One day this will be in fashion


Looks familiar

Broken Stairs up to the kitchen.  Good thing I wasn't carrying #soup!


Around the Reef and Coco Beach

Just love these ceiling shots

Who's that?

Hey there little buddy


Finding my Nemo at Coco Reef.  This guy swam with me for the whole hour long snorkel.  It was absolutely amazing and just that morning I was thinking it would be great to have a version of "My Octopus Teacher"

My Dive Buoy

One stormy afternoon...

Stormy as it gets

Safe in the Swallows


A little snorkel and a capsized boat...

Sting Ray

That boat is not right side up

Good volley ball action with Melissa, Igor, Rebecca, Moy, Alex.

Watch that short corner

Get it Moy!

Other Stuff

Found on golf course

So good at Cecina! $5usd!

When it rains the cockroaches come out

True Sole Proprietorship
Roof top partying neighbours

Natural Mosquito Prevention

A Comedy and Magic Show
at Le Lotus Rouge

Yeah, need to get back to this

Baton Rouge "Closed"???
2 days later...Re-Opened

Then there was a gas explosion on calle 26
right beside Mamita's beach
Natural Chicharron

Which do you like better?
The beginning of Instogram meetings

Back to Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Another Trivia win Number 4

Gluten free Pulque in a can
Not recommended

Friend's visiting, left behind
lots of beer and other goodies

Finally installed recycled 
tires from Canada

Looks like a good spot for a
leaving Party of Merv and Shirl

Yanin bday

At B-Playa
DJ Ren a bud of Howler

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