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April 2022 - Friends Leaving, Short Film, Puerto Aventuras y Maya and Trivia Wins

In the month I said good-bye to Shirley and Merv and a few more, put together a film Crew to begin planning the making of a Short I wrote and spent a bunch of fun days in Puerto Aventuras. And some more Trivia Titles! 

So gooooooood!
I could kiss this guy...

Hasta la vista Merv and Shirley, Thanks for having an amazing leaving party!

Shirtless fashion

Billy's party fashion
DJ Wendy was great

Working with Crew on a Short Film I penned in 2018. A few location scouts and some technical development plus a few re-writes to adapt the Short from Winter Canada to Summer Mexico.

Angel as Star
Boys learning the gear

After film meeting drinks at Onyx

Leo, Clau, Yo

Tight corner stage like the one
Jaba the Hut had

Cary, Angel, Davu crew

Producer Lalo working for Actresses

Welcome to the Asado Eduardo assisted by Clau and Leo.

sleepy, uff

Haydee, Yanin, Clau

Cesar, Yanin, Ed

Maty crushing guitar as always

A few seconds of "Good" by Better than Ezra

Passing some time in Puerto Aventuras which was the complete opposite of where I thought I would be and what I thought it would be. It's a magic little spot that has everything you need if you are happy to get away from the bigger City of Playa 20 minutes away. And a great place for someone to recuperate. 


Wow...Nice Hammock

Lots of sailboats - Braveheart

Hi Brad

Nice little cafe with $3.50 lunch menu

Tasty Marlin and Shark at 
another gem in Puerto Maya

Oh my...give me!

Love this place

A few more trivia wins!

Yo, Jamie, Melissa, Alex, Rosco

Can it be back to back?


Let it Rain!

Beach and Sea

Seaweed...oh no.
But hey there's Vball!

Seaweed on the beach, but some days still super clear in the water, yeah! Well in Puerto Aventuras!

A sailboat mast!

Love the light here

Narrow and gorgeous

Dive Couple

Other Stuff

Tiers of colour

Rainy inside and out

Ants nesting in my Computer!
Wednesday is the day for me!

This how they want it

And this is how I roll

So cute

And on my shoes...

New angular stairs
cheap beer, but good

3rd round at Zenzi all you can
eat Sundays for $12


Rapid Breaky

9 out of 10 Popcorn
Actually Green Eggs

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