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June 2022 - Short Film, Back to Canada, Mexican Visitors and Parasites.

In the month we tried to get the Short Film done, I decided to go back to Canada for a bit and brought a few Mexican Friends with me. Good to see all my stuff under dust...

Short Film continued, but in the end we were unable to complete filming at this time. Definitely need to take another shot at it in the Fall/Future.

Back to my Photoshop skills
Well not bad for a rusty try

And then there was the whole idea to help Ana out with a nice trip back to Canada for a change of scenery to help her mind.  Unfortunately a lot of stress to leave two apartments and pack up travel stuff and animals with all their requirements.  What a great amount of learning though.

Fivy enjoying my balcony
one last time while Ana was 
out with friends for the night

Then back to lazy Chato

Bike ready for storage with
sweet cardboard grips

Antiparasite meds if you have
animals and want to fly out.
And I actually had parasites!

Not another locked door, shoot!

Helping Ana move out

Chato will miss his
watering hole

What's going on?

Could have packed better

Where's the cat?
What is this BS? I'm a 
Service Animal!
Getting nails cut and last minute certifications

Last Mexican Sunset for a while
Last meal at Chedraui 
Normally I would have a few drinks for my
last night, but it was such an exhausting time
I just wanted food and bed before the trip.

The long journey back to Calgary via Montreal. 

The idea was to take a Canadian Airline to avoid going through two borders with all these mexicans (Ana, Fivy and Chato) so with hesitation I booked us on Air Canada and was able to use a flight voucher for $200 from the last time they messed up (March 2020).  And with issues at Toronto and likely Montreal we knew this might take some time.  But don't worry with have the Service Animal Fivy.

Not happy about something...

Unbelievably you have to walk
through security without their
bags making that a fine time
twice! Why are we smiling?

Fivy smiling away

And my storage was super small for some reason
so I flew with very little leg room.  
Oh the sacrifices for animals.

One of us slept a lot

Oh buddy

Having to grab the checked luggage and 
recheck it I followed suit of a few in front of me
and just threw my bag on a random conveyor.

Panic and frustration everywhere
We had 1 hr to make connection
as we had arrived late from MX.

All that panic to arrive and have our flight
delayed 5 plus hours!  Geezzz
Oh Air Canada.  It's going to cost you again.

Uff. Even the door alarm was going off for 5 minutes to absolutely test our patience as much as possible.

5:30 am arrival at my place

Some moments from Calgary in the last part of the month

Crush my boy!
Started no problem

These guys not as easy.
Dead batts sitting in the 

Hi Mom


Yard work, very therapeutic 

This tree moving my fence

Night time and fire pit.
Fivy no liky fire.

My nephew and one of his
big deal toys.

Quick drinks with Chris before his Vegas trip

Deep fried pickles $9!

Other Stuff

Tattoo design

Huge Foos table

You would think contact cement
would work...

Easy to understand why 
Air Canada was crashing

Leaking upstairs bathroom

Mine is second from bottom left

Here's one. Basically with $3 off
and paying $1.50 x 2 we got this
hummus for free

Maybe I can ride back to Mexico

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