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May 2022 - GI Joe Aircraft Carrier, Instogram Short, NHL Battle of Alberta, Turtle at Coco

In the month I found some memories on a netflix series "The Toys That Made Us", continued to work on the Short Film, enjoyed some NHL Playoffs and swam with a Turtle!

GI Joe Aircraft Carrier!!! The one toy I never had in my collection and you can see why.  A 7 foot long tripping hazard for any parent with a PA system...yikes. Oh the 1980's...

On set at Davu's working hard...

Angel in character

Another amazing sunrise from my apartment a few blocks from Coco beach.

Love Ants!

How's it going Bob? Work work work...
Give me that

Not since 1991 had the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers went head to head in the NHL Playoffs. Game 1 was 9-6 Calgary which is a score beyond normal for hockey. Edmonton recovered and went on to win the next 4 games straight in a very entertaining series, especially if you like the Oilers!  Go Oil! 

Game 1 at Los Tabernacos.
Embarrassing Hockey.

Game 2 at my house

Tire repair and parking issues

$2, 5 minutes, back on the road
Lost my parking...for the month!

Just an awesome snorkel at Coco and a wonderful surprise when a turtle cruised by.

Hey buddy

This was entertaining...not a big enough
car to handle this boat.  Take a run at it and
watch your trailer hitch rip off!

Other Stuff


That dangerous guy on the ledge

A good Joe Rogan recommendation

Great business plan

Prices raising every week

Puerto Maya Palapa Marlin...Love it

shrimp, bacon, quesadilla
with all meat on the side thanks

Prohibited to miss toilet bowl

Takes water from 
the ceiling and keeps
on ticking

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