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July 2022 - Good Bye Mexican Family, Stampede, Covid and Congrats Clau and Lalo

 The month began rough of course with "the breakup", then a little stampede to help me get back on the horse which I fell off getting sick and finally got in to a routine starting to sailing, golf and play pinball. As well, big Congratulation to Claudia and Eduardo for 25 years strong together.  Love you guys.

Good-bye Mexican Family
I suppose lets get the tough stuff out of the way first. After 1.5 years trying to make our relationship work through ups and downs it was finally time for Ana and I to part ways. We our both strange and good people which is why I think we were so drawn to each other and it made sense in a lot of ways to be together, but it didn't work.  At least we gave it a shot. I care for her deeply and always will and hope the very best for her. But in the end the best thing for me and I hope for her was to let each other go which they say is the true sign of love. Thank you Ana, Fivy and Chato for opening my heart.

Happy cosy day

Showing off my Grade 6 art.

Just adorable isn't he.

I know she looks upset, but it's 
because she can't see the highway!
Really enjoying the backyard
Reminders me of a weird anime

Can I go on the Moto too?
My little waiter

Would this have worked...we will never know...

Good to have some happy days

Stampede after a 2 year break. And everyone was out to go nuts!

Good old Bert.
Catering to the GF and DF I am
As disgusting as the photo,
drinking beer through the 
mouth on the shirt

Worst Tent of Stampede at Badlands

Nice party crash with Alex at Craft
Another amazing Rodeo
Day with Bowhay

Sucky Side Story: Went to Badlands tent on Monday (I think?).  We were on beer tickets for the first hours.  I tried to get change for a $5 bill to give a tip on the free beer tickets, but no bartender had any actually money, wtf?  Then I was expensing a few rounds and realised they already had a 18% mandatory tip included in the bill and were cheeky enough to hand me the e-terminal which had a section for 20, 25, 30% tips been on top of the mandatory 18%.  So I paid 38% in tip on a few rounds of drinks and of course only a mere 18% once I found out their scam.  And to top it off I didn't get one of my receipts so went on a different day to ask for a duplicate receipt.  Met a super friendly helpful guy "Chris" who assured me I would get it in the next day or so...Nothing.  Needless to say I am not a fan and will avoid this tent for years to come!

Gord Bamford gave us a great show at Ranchman's.  Even met him after when he came up to hang with the big shots I was rolling with!

Amazing hat feather!
Really wonder who likes him?

Let's cram in one more night
of Stampede at Wildhorse

A little better way to share beer
than through a shirt, haha
Dani felt compelled to slap
 a sticker on my hat

With great fun comes great responsibility...Damn.  Rona me for the second time.

So fun, self masochism

One no, One yes...must be then

Congratulations to Eduardo and Claudia on renewing their vows after 25 years.  And no less but in Europe with their two boys, Gabo and Diego, and some family.


Happy family!

Other Stuff

Blue Demon finally on the road after 
waiting 2 years since I bought him.

Korean chicken, Gluten Free discount!

First $40 free on Skip Dishes

Love my hammock

And the view of the clouds 
from the hammock!

Good idea!

Band-Aid taking a chance

A sign you should return
your newly bought Laptop

Elvis is back?

Replaced these toilet seals 2x
only to find out the water
was coming from the shower

Ah the lake

Just incredible clouds

Regular menu, lots of GF on it

Is this by design or luck?
Pole looks amazing.

Thanks Roger for bringing me on the golf crew.
Met Roger walking down the street in Playa
and 1.5 years later he remember to invite me.
Yes, Pinbar!
Sit back and enjoy.  Fire tables the new thing.
Classy Dog Dish Table

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