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October 2022 Part 2: The Baja of Mexico by Motorbike, San Felipe, San Ignacio, Loreto, La Paz

In Part 2 of the month I rode in to and down the Baja peninsula all the way to La Paz, stopping in San Felipe, San Ignacio and Loreto in states Baja California and Baja California Sur (BCS). And at the end of the month I began a month long stay in La Paz which had been on my list for a long time. Be sure to check out November 2022! 

Day 11 - San Felipe (425km). Left San Diego late morning unsure of how far I would get on my balding and repaired back tire, but definitely in to Mexico somewhere after getting through the border. Hwy 94 to Tecate C5/6R7T6/7V6/7

Great day for a border
Crazy FedX driver on highway 94

Gorgeous road to the Tecate border

Tecate, Mexico.  

Border at Tecate was quite quick and easy.  I think knowing spanish made it even better. Likely the Tax Free Zone of all of Baja makes this whole area pretty simple for foreigners to enter, but be careful to know where to get proper paperwork if you want to go to the rest of Mexico. 

Hwy 3 to Ensenada C5R7T3V7, desert, vineyards, foothills, loose speed limits.

Good enough highway
The Baja North Wine Region
I'm not even sure what those cube cabins are?
No time to stay for wine

Road side ceviche spread in Ensenada

Then back on to Hwy 3

Highway 3 to San Felipe (first 100 km). C7/8R7T2/3V7 then Part 2 (100 km) to the coast and a first look at the Sea of Cortez. C3R6T1V8.

Recommendation: El Guero Tacos conveniently across the street from the impossible to find Hotel Arogon.

Vegetation changing every 20km!

Not too windy
San Felipe centre

Perhaps illegal fishing occurring???
Rumours of this from various people as the 
government has put more restrictions on fishing.

Day 12 - San Ignacio (550km). A long solitary day of about 600km and 150km between gas stations so I made sure not to miss any turns which was easy as its basically Highway 5 in to Highway 1 and keep going South.  Tire still going well.

The newly completed (paved) Hwy 5 was great.  175km from San Felipe to Hwy 1 junction C4R7T2V7, desert, cacti and the Sea of Cortez. 

Loaded up, added 10L water

Sandy sandy with great contrast to the sea

Always a loco bicyclist doing 60km a day.

Nice new paved road. Not much for shoulders.
The type of views I love

La Poma, the last beach town/area before Hwy 5 flows in to Hwy 1.

So clear. My first touch of the
Sea of Cortez

Hwy 5/Hwy 1 Junction heading South. C5R6/7T1/2V8. More awesome and different deserts and vegetations.

Just me for miles

Taken at 100 km/hr

Sandy detours with low tire tread, yikes

Loaded beat up family van passing me at 130kph.

Upside down the reader's only
way to pass the cash window

Low on tread, not good for sand

In to Baja California Sur and a time zone change I didn't catch for a couple of days as it was a straight South border.  Border to Alvardo Aramburo C1R6/7T2V5/6.  And then on to San Ignacio C2R6/7T2V5/6.  A bunch of sand detours on this section of road where I almost ate crap a couple times, didn't find much for restaurant options and encountered a power hungry border patrol minutes from San Ignacio when I was so hungry!


Straight, with broken sections of road

And missing shoulders of road

pinche arena! stupid sand!

Finally a few sweeping curves 

minutes from San Ignacio and patrol stop...

San Ignacio lagoon at the entrance of the town

Tiny little village of San Ignacio that has been in existence since a mission was developed there in 1728. A nice little plaza with a few restaurants. I had a late lunch at the one corner and a pricey dinner at the other corner recommended by the host of Hotel Posada ($23 a night) who happens to be the brother of the restaurant owner.  I'm sure everyone is related here.  Tire holding up.

Mission San Ignacio Kadakaaman
Small place but they have cider!

Ran in to a group of Gringo adventure moto
riders who had come across on the ferry at
La Paz so I asked a few questions ...
"Ah, the tour guide did everything"
Thanks Dal, Bill, and Tom plus 11 others that 
didn't stick around for tequila shots.

Day 13 - Loreto, BCS.(300km) Late start and varying shorter ride. San Ignacio to Santa Rosalia C2R7T5V6, pretty straight to the coast then a short shot to the quite little town of Mulege that also was a mission discovery in 1700.  C3R5/6T5V7.

Lunch leave from Hotel Posada

Back to the Sea of Cortez

I never want to leave the Sea!

Mulege with a wonderful river inlet

Mulege to San Nicolas C7R5/6T2V8/9, coastal, curves.  Great section of road. Then on to Loreto C4R6T2V7 straights broken by heavy curves.  Nice!

Happy Chappy
Just gorgeous

The Love Boat coming from Loreto

Loreto Bay

Staying at San Martin Posada for $28 USD in the middle of Loreto with good parking and a comfy bed!

Not sure about the water here,
could be the weather

Nice little Malecon (Promenade)

San Martin Posada
Centre of town walking zone

Halloween / Day of the dead weekend
Met a drunk guy with his wife and kid
 who claimed he was Mexican FBI.
I never got a card...haha...damn.


Day 14 - La Paz (350km). 32C. The last day on the road and finally to my goal.  Great curve start for about 90km C6R6T2V7 with some broken pavement. Tire still going well!

Good job Blu

Good sailing area

Nice nice nice

Then it was straight, 1 turn at El Cien, then straight for a total at 200km.  C1/2R7T2/3V4/5

There's the turn

Straight, but still interesting

Last 70 km to La Paz was so exciting especially when I saw the Sea of Cortez again!

No Pee story: About 10 km outside of La Paz I decided to pee to avoid bladder pressure in town if there would be traffic or I got lost.  Needless to say some cops passed by and honked.  I luckily put things back before peeing which is apparently illegal on the highway side in Mexico...may be it is Canada too? In the end I got out of it in my own way which is part of why I have the photo below for proof I did nothing.  Sorry guys, no cash for you!

Windmills in the distance

No Pee story

Beautiful spot

I made it!

Hot and waiting to unpack

Found a two bedroom place 1 block off the Malecon and 15 min walk to the centre of town.  The apartment was not as tidy as I would have liked but it had great parking for the moto and a staller view from the roof top! 

Oh...and the tire was still good!

A quick run through of the apartment I will be staying in November.


Outstanding view from the roof top

La Paz no for it's sunsets

Back in my skid lid 5 yrs later
The Malecon

To end the month I had a few nights along the Malecon in the centre of La Paz to take in Halloween and the Day of the Dead.

Some videos to capture the sights and sounds of the traffic jam on the Malecon.

Night Volley Ball!

Jacque Cousteau explore
much of the Sea of Cortez
Found my favourite bar
El Parnazo