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October 2022 Part 1: Half Work, Half Moto South thru WA, OR, Yuba City, San Fran, LA, San Diego

A month of Half and Half, working in Kamloops on a Microtunnel and back in Calgary taking courses then it was off to grab "my boy Blu" the motorbike and head South as far as the Mexican border via Portland, Yuba City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.  Stay tuned for October Part 2.

Working in Kamloops for the first part of the month, well that was the plan.  Unfortunately with out all the now needed new courses when I got off the plane and being unable to get in to these courses in Kamloops it was a few days and then back on the plane to Calgary to take courses.  Then back to Kloops.

A little engineering humour

Not appropriate PPE for site.
But hey it's the end of the day.

Dash 8 to YYC
Amazing views
Fraser River from above

Glenmore Res where I sail
Nose Hill, like a big mole on the face of Calgary
Miles and Miles of farm land to the East of Calgary
Bow River

Calgary skies out near the Airport

Not a bad spot for a week

And then back to K-loops!
May little starter home, only $650,000???


Love this shot of the tops of Cascade Mountains
in route to Victoria

With work out of the way for now it was time to reconnect with Blu and head South.  Thanks to Brian and Dallas for everything, really.  Rides, roof, food and care.  You guys are truly special people.

Day 1 - Canada to US somewhere near Portland via ferry to Port Angeles, WA. Took Black Ball ferry for $65 USD and met Cal on an mint condition 2003 BMW GS1150 who was going all the way to San Felipe, Baja California after some stops in the USA like me (different stops).  Thanks for the tips Cal.

Just how I left you amigo
Good bye Canada

Early morning
Love seeing floater planes coming in from
the boat

Highway 101 (Port Angeles) to Olympia C5/6R7T7V8 had coast, green, woodland, hills/mountain. Easy in to the US inland temp at 26C and coast down to 20C as fall kicks in.  Second half of day after a pricey cider ($14CAD incl 20% tip) went all the way just South of Portland where I hoped the moto wouldn't get stolen.

In without an issue.  First time since 2018 
sail trip to Mexico.

Fall colour

Salty bays calm like windless lakes

Look close, Latin flare?

Parker bridge in Portland

Day 2-4 - Yuba City. Almost 11 years to the day I was riding a 2008 Vstrom South to Latin America and I reminded my friend Toni of that.  She said, "well you better stop here!"  4 hrs of Insterstate-5 stopping at Black Bear Diner to eat and receive Toni's messages added another unexpected 5 hrs at the end of the day.  Challenge accepted. Not so fun riding through the mountains with a bunch of big trucks at 130 kph in the dark, but at least it wasn't too cold.  10pm arrival!  

The next morning after a great catch up with Toni as I was checking over the bike I noticed the chain had a super tight spot and it needed to be changed out. Long story short, "Toni, can I stay 2 more nights, please".  Thanks so much Toni for the hospitality and also to Brandon at Work and Play Motorsports for getting the chain on the bike as quick as they could.  And thank god I didn't panic and get Mike's Custom to do it for double the price ($650!)

Oregon State Capital in Salem

Open prairie type areas middle Oregon

I-5 is a great ride


Black Bear Diner, the gas station guy's recommendation.  Tasty. If only I could eat the pies!

You pay CASH,

Unfortunately riding in the dark there wasn't anything I could do for snapping good photos.  Hopefully these help depict the forest filled to desert like landscapes from Southern Oregon to North California.

Southern Oregon
Northern Cali

A few days in Yuba City where Toni works as a teacher and plans her next global adventure. Good to see her mom and sisters again too.  More kids than were in the picture 11 years ago.

Yep, wild chickens in town

Canon and I building forts
A little pricier than Mexico x 6!

Me, Toni, Kati, Jami

Listo!  $325 USD all in.

That's right, I promised a case of beer to help 
lube the wheels of delivery of service.

Day 5-6 San Francisco. My old Sailing Buddy, Sterling, from our 2018 Gulf of Mexico crossing. Thanks for having me amigo and for the good times.

Highway 113 to Rd 13 to 505 C3R7T3/4V4. Farmland and 31 deg C in the late afternoon.
Highway 37 off 505 in to SF and over the Golden Gate Bridge in Fog and 15 deg C.  All this in about 130 km from hwy 113 to SF.

Dusty and dry

Traffic coming out of SF

Big bridge, but not Golden Gate

A great lowlands before climbing to SF

Last of photos before fog and cold

Golden Gate
Downtown San Francisco
Staying in Potrero area on the hills of SF.  Great spot, great room, and great company.

View from my room!

Parking on the incline

Sterling's new electric truck
0-100kph in 3.3s

Rivian with extra tent package

Picturesque streets 

Now I see the Golden Gate
Lots of steel for GG Bridge
2nd time in SF, still haven't got to Alcatraz

Day 7-9 Los Angeles. Another stop that I hadn't made since my trip to Argentina in 2011, seeing my friends Dorit and Gareth and their new baby who is now 9 years old, Kayden and loves sailing!  Exciting stuff.

Big ride; starting on the Hwy 1 to Monterey C5R8T4V7/8, coast, coast, coast.

Not warm, 15C and moist

Then Monterey to Cambria still on Hwy 1, going past Big Sur, etc.  C7R7T4V8 coastal cliffs, islands.

This was warmer last time no?

Curves and cliffs, where there's one...
Yeah, that's double the price of a gallon only 
50km inland.  The guy said "there's cheaper in
30 miles, don't buy here unless you have too."
Happy Blu

Although I couldn't remember the exact route from 2011 I had definitely been to Cambria and further down the coast, but due to the cold 15 C temp with a bit of rain I decided to head inland on to Hwy 101. Oh and I still had 2.5 hours to go to LA plus the mess that is LA. Hwy 154 C6R7T3V7. Lake Cachuma.

Lake Cachuma look out
The activities of Southern California

That's how you get cheap beachfront near LA

Concrete, concrete

Topanga Canyon C7R7T6V6, Hwy 27

Cabins for sale??? $1 Million?

Coming out on Hwy 1, Santa Monica near

A few great days hanging with Gareth, Dorit and Kayden.  Thanks so much for everything guys!

Off to the beach just down the hill

The famous Hermosa Beach Volley Nets
where "Better at Beach" films
Affixing my makeshift fork skins

Fully loaded and ready to go!

All you can eat free salsa bar!!!

VR gaming for the first time.  Intense! Well, wait for it in the second half of the video as the first part I was just warming up.

Rhea confused

Day 10 - San Diego. My excitement to get back into Mexico had me almost skipping past what turned out to be a great city.  Amazing views, tonnes of sailing, aircraft carrier! nice city centre and an excellent community called "Beaches".  

Took PCH 1, C3R8T8V7 to Laguna Beach (memories) then on to I-5, C2/3R8T5V6 and all the way in to San Diego to stay at Loma Point near the massive Naval Base which made sense since this is basically the Mexican Border (15 min by taxi).

Concrete and Clouds
Last of the vball beaches

Oceanside, CA

Interstate 5 for the last time

Wasn't there a Dolly Parton joke with this?
Maybe in "Naked Gun?"

Watching that helicopter coming in

Where's Ron Burgundy?  Stay Classy San Diego...

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Boat load of boats

I'm sure there's a cost for this view

Hard Kombucha 7%

Aircraft Carrier!!!  USS Midway
Some well lit pirate boat

"OB Noodles" was just great!

Other Stuff

Shit Sketchers products
2nd place on the toughest game at Pinbar.
This happened right in front
of us in San Fran. Smash and

Oh that's a good cider at
"On the Rocks bar", Kamloops

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