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December 2022 - Cabo Area, Back to Work, Xmas and NYE in Calgary

In this month I touched the shores of Cabo San Lucas and area passing Todos Santos on the way, flew back to for work in Kamloops, spent the Holidays with my mom and friends. Bonus flight cancelation by Westjet allowed me the opportunity drive the snowy Rocky Mountains back to Calgary.

Beginning of the month my time in La Paz had come to an end and before I flew back to Canada for work Clau, Lalo and I went to Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo for a few nights.

Loaded and ready
Bye Bye La Paz

Ever watch a pigeon eat...very spaztic

Out at the local mezcaleria in La Paz
Cool guys at El Parnazo

Quick few stops on the way to Cabo San Lucas (200 km day C3,R7,T2,V7/8).  Todos Santos first.

Finally got a shot of the La Paz Whale Tail

Some how this is the
highway out of town

Nice divided FREE highway

Still some cheaper land, areas

In to Todos Santos

Yeah really, Hotel California is here
Unfortunately the town was 
over hyped

Trying to be Europe, but not quite...
Hotel Cali Tourists

And this guy's a guitar player?
Take a seat guys while I change

Colourful streets

Back on the road for a minute with all my gear on again; then a lunch stop at Cerritos Beach. I didn't think that through very well.

Reminds me when a bed flew out of my truck

Less fun sandy roads

Can't get this far with the moto.


Only resto on the beach

Not horrible
Nice to have some mountain areas

Yeah, whales

Nice road

Made it to Cabo

Great beach bar , sweet music with Eduardo's University buddy, Daniel.

San Jose del Cabo

Pricey tacos with a killer show at Lupita.

Me, Clau, Lalo, Daniel
my smile bigger seeing
normal prices, haha

A day on the water to the Arc.

Definitely full and expensive marina
Ready to get on the High Sea

What a location

Charter boats

Tour boats

Party boats

That's it, that's Cabo San Lucas

Where everyone wants to go
Swam to shore to do a cartwheel
Lalo, Clau, Alvaro
Smart seals
Fancy spot at El Sur

An unexpected Nashville Song Writers show for free (Dark Water Band, David Ryan Harris, Patrick Davis, others and Tim Nichols "Live Like We Were Dying" bought by Tim McGraw).  But the drinks were $15usd each so...not so free and I was dumb enough to tip on top of our tips... Total 30% tipsy.

Didn't once get to use the pool, bye

Blue Demon left With Henry K, worth a bottle!

Damn comfortable flight,
for once between Mex and Can.

Happy to be back

The only thing gluten free

Back in Kamloops for work before the holidays and after.  Cold as!! 

Silly egg roll freaked me out.

- 30 C

What a minute! October 2022?

Living out of bags
Local Mexican resto that has a little of everything

Dinner with my cross shift Jonny

Well this is fun

Beautiful area of British Columbia

Birthday lunch

Birthday night

Kamloops Blazers

Colombian Manuel's first hockey game!

So peaceful

Deep holes to avoid nature

Mining machine

150m in to the mountain.

A little nervous,
but Qualified
Just love this view of the highway below

Let it snow, beautiful sunrise.

Christmas break and a chance to have a drink with some of the work friends you make on these field jobs.

Florian, Manuel

Rose, Emil

Daniel, Brayden

Sour Patch Kids?

Pho Viet and Donut King all in one!

Tasty chips!
Freezing run to put the garbage out as I prepared to leave the next day.  

shit packaging

Flight cancelled so...ask the company to drive a vehicle back to Calgary for the holidays. Yes. A nice 7 hours through the snow mountains, lovely, just lovely.

yikes, it's getting cold Dick!

Fog off the lake from the massive temp change

Near Shuswap lakes

Three Valley Gap


No gas for 150km

Rogers pass

Near Golden

Less ice, just cold!

All the highway open

Last stop in BC

More steam off the water

Yes, -30 C

Near Banff

This looks like a head on right?

Good old boys and their toys

Just outside Calgary
Full day drive in the short sun winter season

Home Sweet Home where I grew up all my childhood years and then some.  I think this was only the third time I had been in Calgary for the holidays in the last 17 years. 

Me and my little doggy Goldie
Happy to be home

Laughing Santa, hahahahaha.  My mom just loves this guy!

Lots of trinkets

xmas gifts

Watson family xmas dinner
nephew William

Look at that Turkey!

Got to have a xmas tree

Chris's bday

Wintery backyard at mom's

Happy Noon Years Eve and New Years Eve too.  One for the seniors and one for the middle of the roaders.

Mom so excited to see Elvis!

First in the King's younger years in black leathers at Grey Eagle Casino.  Check it out, I'm still not sure if its his voice or not?

Then in his later Vegas years in a white jump suit. A really good show and good way to pass lunch time on New Years Eve Day...Oh and of course bingo!

So fun

Old hat for mom.  Another win!

Went to a little gathering in Deer Run near Fish Creek Park.  At 12am we braved the cold to set off some fireworks at the park thanks to Christina's BF.  And thanks to Vero for having a great meal and gathering!

Other Stuff

Thank god my moto never put
me to hitch hiking
The new distraction, but also a prediction
Learning to shuck oysters
at Pete's annual Xmas party
Mom's quaint lights