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January 2023 - Back to KLoops, to Cabo, to La Paz and then Sayulita, Barra de Navidad and Sick in GDL

In this month it was back to work for another 10 days in Kamloops area, then my return to Mexico to have another week and a bit in La Paz before crossing the Sea of Cortez by ferry stopping in Sayulita, Barra Navidad and Guadalajara at the end of the month.

Back to Kamloops in more reasonable temperatures (0 deg C) making for a pleasant few weeks. The job overall was a good one for sure.

Lac des Arcs

Rogers pass


Catching sunset in the Shuswaps. 


Nice evening set up watching

Foggy morning to work

Always such an amazing
end of the day

Mid January on a few planes to get back to La Paz to enjoy a little more time in the Baja. Just great!

Day 1 - Arrived in Cabo, of course found the local bus which no tourists even know about for $3 or something. Hiked 20 minutes in some heat, left a bottle of Crown for Henry and got on Blue Demon to spend a night in San Lucas before heading North to La Paz.

Worth it to get up at 4am

So good

Calgary is so flat...

Oh...what's this? Cabo?

Not super hot, but coming from Canada with
 a 15 kg back pack.

Demonio Azul

Always beautiful sunsets here

What exactly does this mean?
San Lucas. 

Day 2 - La Paz. Rip it up on Highway 1 (200km) stopping in Cabo Pulmo for a snorkel after a rough road in, but hey worth it. 

Loaded up from Sofia Hostel.
$50usd double shared bath.
Met some good people.
Looking at San Jose del Cabo

A really nice windy road up to Ribera.  C6R6T3V7.  Then paved until last 10km which is sandy, gravel to Cabo Pulmo C7R2T2V8.

Highway 1 Foothill desert

whoa nelly

Always a sign you're on an adventure

Looks like a good spot to stop

Nice spot, controlled by the tides

So clear and a deadly puffer fish

More great road back on Highway 1 C6R6/7T2V7.

La Paz sunsets again.
This time around in La Paz in the same apartment building one level up with a view of the sea I had a roommate for the first days.  Lance, a dad of a buddy, who has a sailboat in La Paz and needed a bit of help getting it ready after sitting 2 years during the pandemic. Also got to spend some time with my buddy Tony from Calgary who is now engaged to a local girl in La Paz. Congrats Pao! Great day in the sand dunes!

Malecon again

No car, no problem

That's how you carry a chicken on your bike
Lance's 40 O'Day

Hanging with Tony in his side by side

Vodka Vision Sunset

Last days in Baja California Sur

Nice poorly cooked dinner...oops

very cold when you don't
have the right blankets

Bad stomach and leaving for an all night ferry

Day 10 - Evening ferry which you need to arrive 3 hours early for to get your physical ticket after buying it the day before.  "Why?  Anyhow, get on the ferry for 12-14 hours and wake up in Mazatlan." And don't forget the port tax of like $10 USD.

The usual BMW 1200GS crews.  These guys
from Mexico City.

Thanks for the extra hook!
Thx Alejandro

Chau West coast sunsets

One of those ferries with 

After 5 hours sleeping on the
floor in too much AC.
Happy Chappy
The Sinaloa coasts

It doesn't look like it in the video but I'm excited to be across the Sea of Cortez. $400 CAD well spent?

Here we go!  Highway 15 more or less...the free one. Not 15D. Mazatlan to Tepic C3R5-7T3V7. Then 

Mainland Mexico
Pretty straight

The pay road was actually in a traffic jam

Lovely sky and colour

What's the story with roadside fires??

Truck rest stop...tight
Nice little gas and rest

Off the main highway on to Highway 74 to Aticama C7R6T3V7.  Then to Las Varas C4R3T8V6 and on to Sayulita on Highway 200 C5/6R6T4/5V6.

Lots of trucks

Dog - What I can't sleep here?

Speed bump vendors

Full up truck

Always enjoy to see ways of construction

Day 11,12 - Sayulita always talked about so it was time to see it. Much different then I expected being a tight packed town in amongst some mountains with a huge surfing bay. Maybe too many surfers...?
Over all a good spot, good food and some spots to have a few drinks.  Chill town with a seemingly developing drug problem.

coming in to town

Main square of Sayulita

San Francisco Beach next to Sayulita

San Francisco beach tree

Pastor wood fired

These cans of water explode
outward when opening, wtf?

Day 13,14 - Barra de Navidad (300km). A quick swing past Punta Mita (Tope full road C6R5T5V6) and then thought to stop in Bucerias, but it didn't tickle me so I kept on speeding through Puerta Vallarta.  Not much too comment on road C3R7T4V5.

Punta Mita

About 1 hr from Puerta Vallarta

Let's keep on shall we

Little busy near Puerta Vallarta. 
Keep going...

Past Puerta Vallarta on to Highway 200 avoiding a "Dut Doot" which limited my photo taking.  Now this is a highway C8R5T8V5 around the coast.  Then Mismaloya to El Columpio C7R5-7T2V7.

Only shot of PV coast as I whipped through
 and out of the city for some reason...Dut Doot

Highway 200 El Columpio to Costa Careyes
C2R7T2V7.  Hot too, 32C in winter!

Final leg on Highway 200 Careyes to Barra Navidad C5R6/7T3V6/7.

Best surprise at Horse stop

This cutie came out of 
no where to say hi

Barra de Navidad

Stopped in this quaint little town for a few nights as I wanted to feel like the youngest expat in Mexico.

Lots of fishing boats

NFL playoffs

Like I said...Quaint

Excellent hotel Puerto del Sol in a pretty safe little town.

hey buddy

Looking along the west coast line. 

The wind and sea really picked up as well as the tide. Video against the sea wall.

The sea really jumps later

Love to see a scene from Cocoon the movie all the elders dancing in the street.  Amazing!

A little morning tour to Cuastecomate for a snorkel.  Big swim, but didn't see too much.  Nice little spot for sure.

Nice morning swim/snorkel.

Cuastecomate beach

Day 15-17 - Guadalajara (GDL) to visit my good buddy Alex and family for a few days.  Unfortunately we weren't able to do much as I was bed ridden for a few days once I got settled in.

Started the day with a back track to Tenacatita for a great snorkel.  30 minutes back on highway 200 to catch a excellent little bay to wake up.  Check it out.

Shot of the Tenacatita bay

Right around lunch I got on to Highway 80 heading North to Gdl. Barra de Navidad to La Huerta with lots of curves, some construction and traffic. C7R5-7T3V6/7.

Well, hope you're not in a rush...

La Huerta to Autlan de Navarro straight finishing with lots of curves. C3-8R6T2V7

Autlan to Tecolotlan, major farming area. C5R7T3V6/7

And finally Tecolotlan to Guadalajara.  Five "A's" in that name!

Like the goalposts on a field, touchdown

Happy to be here
Oops, maybe not...sick as a dog.  A few days
in bed.  Thanks Cuca for taking care of me.

Tortilla soup

Jimena and Axel enjoy sparklers

Alex and Layla

Other Stuff

Over paying amazon for a
christmas treat... $18 or so
should be $8

Replay finally!

Unreal, meeting a buddy of
Trevor G a friend in Playa.
  Jay and Me

Why don't we decorate shit!?
Bad set up in bar in 
Barra de Navidad

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