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March 2023 - Haydee Bday, Night Shift, Snorkeling and a Roof Pool and BBQ

In this month I settled back in to Playa life; good food, fun with friends, a little work and some snorkeling of course. Happy Birthday Haydee!!  Unfortunately I smashed my knee on a piece of concrete in the volley ball court and was unable to play for 3 weeks.  All good by the end of the month though and never did need an xray.

Living close to my favourite neighbourhood near CTM where you have lots of restaurant choices and more every month it seems. Enjoying days up at the pool and the beach when it was good. 

Found a great Birria spot near the house

I should have people over

Dirty air filter from the big trip

First time I took this bike apart

A night out at Onyx. Check out the name on the bill from my Calgary T-shirt.

Love the balcony at my place

Happy with Agus and Haydee

How did it freeze like that?

Two buddy motos

Hanging at your friendly neighbourhood 7/11
Haydee bday, 29 again! Enjoying some fun and games with the banda at playa 88.


??? with Agus
Eating of course

Mexico vs Argentina


Mat, Laura, Tania, Leo, Ani, Clau, Agus Me, Ed

Finish the day with a Parrilla!
Good times

The boys in the hood...a bunch of cops doing nothing around the mini soccer stadium which is almost always full.  I mean there are even games at 3am!

Usual bacon, veg in a wok

Then scrambled eggs on top

Met Sammy at Honorio Tulum, used to be local.

100% pure cacao!
Like a Spike Lee movie. Little
 Argentina in on my front steps

My favourite secret grill...

Back to work, this time remotely from my apartment...Nights starting at 8:30pm going until 8:30am for 7 nights.  That's 84 hours in 7 days...Uff!

Guiding 4 tunnelling machines

4 machines is a lot especially
when you want to sleep!

Finally had some of the banda over to the roof pool for a BBQ to end the month.



Good friends + 1
Haydee, Lalo, Clau, Tania

A few good days of Snorkeling. Thanks for joining me Melissa.


This ray almost smashed in to me

Good highlights due to a fog around the lens

sting ray

Suffering the cold she uses 3mm wetsuit

Warm and happy, Hi Mel

Looks like a sea creature fossilised

Looky at the size of that one!

Other Stuff

A dollar for a Styrofoam cup!
Worst movie of all time, is so good
Toxic Avenger
How did that get in my fridge
The man with the Yellow Pants

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