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April 2023 - Sunrise, Lazy Beach Life, Puerto Morelos and Sammy Visit

In this month I did the usual beach activities with a few bevies, snorkeling, volley ball and sunrises.  Visit from Sammy and a few days hanging in Puerto Morelos.

Let's kick off with a sunrise... a rare occasion for me.

Sargasso removal boats in the Sunrise

Why do I always bring the small glasses??

Definitely can't bring all this on 
the bicycle

Spent a few days in Puerto Morelos to play some morning volley and visit people.  It's a good spot especially if you like it low key.

Shady parking at town square

Castles in the sand
Little closer to the court

Sammy visit! More than 10 years due visit from a buddy I met on my massive South American trip all the way to Argentina.  Met this cool cat in the North of Colombia through a riding buddy Dan and eventually stayed 1 week with him when I arrived in Bogota.

Great to see you man and glad we were able to go to a Rugby game, out for some Drinks and a Sunday Snorkel.  Good visit.

Flashback January 2012 "Hanging with Sam":

Clau 5'2", Val 5'3", Lalo 5'7"
Me 6', Sam 6'6", Dan 6'10" 

Snorkeling with Sammy at Coco.

Work work work.  This was a tough week as I had a feeling of lonely nights due to reminders of the month before and the change from the March shifts.

wired up

Eating well during nights

Celebrating the last shift of the 7 nights!
Always feels amazing!

Other Stuff

Watching futbol from my
New dentist Alexis/Pamela

Look closely to see the tongue
Chia you cutie

BBQ at Marcos'
My classic chicken stew
Oops...mice in the building
Enjoying Oilers playoffs

Good for me or not?

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