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June 2023 - Bdays, Sailing, All Inclusive visit, Snorkeling and Leaving Playa

June kicked off with two Birthdays, went for a Sail out of Puerto Aventures, Visited Canadian friends at an All Inclusive, last great Snorkel and Sunsets, and Storing everything away.  Plus lots of last of the season moments. 

Two birthdays to start the month which were held at a Colombia Theme Party at Clau and Lalo's.

Happy birthday Katherine and Melissa!

3 out of 9 Colombians is pretty good.


Smoked meats from my buddy
Angel's Resto Smoky House

What happened here? 
Too much Aguardiente?

Katherine's bday cake

Then a few of us decided to try out some sailing in the Caribbean, something I hadn't done since first arriving here in 2018 in a catamaran. I think the 4 hour trip cost us as much as our 9 day trip from Texas to Isla Mujeres ($650 USD). Money to be made in charters that's for sure.

Good fun with Sol and and her boyfriend sailing out of Puerto Aventuras.  A plan that appeals to me in the short term for sure.  The tourist crew consisted of Clau, Lalo, Daniel, Valentina, Melissa and myself.
Me and the girls Val, Clau, Mel

Lalo and Daniel
Planning the adventure?
Or talking about the 
dangers of catching a drone
while on a moving boat?
What a bloody mess.

A lucky visit to see Brian and Dallas in Mexico, and not the usual Vancouver Island, at an All Inclusive on the coast just North of Cancun.  Fun bike ride and hang out in a pretty highend spot. Great to see you guys and chill for a day at TRS Coral.

Hoytie Toytie

Dallas and Brian

Not bad at all

Very nice pool area

A great reasonably secluded beach 30 min North of the Hotel Zone of Cancun.

Good times

And delicious fancy dining at the French resto
Thank god I brought a golf shirt.

Sharing a great last snorkel of the season with water baby Katherine.

Very mermaid like

Wonderful mediation and sunset moment in the roof pool.

The last moments of Playa for the season.  

Seriously?  I have to go home?

Not quite ready...

Claudia helping me out

Good night Blue

Here's hoping to stay at 81.4kg

OMG, he is leaving?...Yes

Man, they have taken the fun
out of flying!

Chau Quintana Roo

Other Stuff - Actually lots of things going on so pay close attention to the captions!

Lots of canadians playing for
the Stanley Cup
Met with Andros my new
director for "Instogram"

extremely strong Mezcal

Jam session with Daniel, Angel, Lalo and me
Super fun night
Blue all oiled and ready for bed

snake skin repair

weird skin allergy for 24hrs

James "Melissa" Brown

Great roof top at Leo's place

Pushed this scooter around to
fit in the parking. Turned out
to be my buddy Victor's, haha.

Tacos by the pool
Some stormy days in June
That was CAD/Mxn last year