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October 2023 - Romania; Bucharest, Constanta

Romania a country I had wanted to see multiple times but was just a little too East every time.  Well when you see a flight directly to Bucharest from Santorini you take it of course forgetting the night before would be the last night with your travel buddies and the flight was at 7am...uff!

Day 8-10, Bucharest. Early flight in to the capital city where I met Rafe a young American traveller who was as lost as me.  Paid his $1 train from airport to city and made a friend for life. Got to my accommodation which I booked on the way at a hotel lobby that let me use the wifi.  Stayed a night there "BreadnBreakfast", but it was not available the next, so I moved to a great apartment "Cismigin" closer to the old town for the next two nights.  

Sunrise on Santorini
Where am I?
Ok, people left their seats to sit with friends so I have the row to myself. But wait...

Over Santorini
And then other passengers decided I was their friend??

More Greek island action

Over Bulgaria

Some Romania

Welcome to Bucharest

When you first arrive you take any photo
So the Train station wasn't so
close to the south side

First day in Romania so I ate

I like the style to set up
a street party

Ok, something lovely

Quite sure I missed all the sites

The classic pigeon feeder

1,2,3 bells should be enough

Friendly T-Shirt

Good spot to be gluten free, no

Nice room for sure at
Bread and Breakfast

But watch your head

Convenient garbage piles

Style and Function don't meet

A cutie at Temple Social House

Pork is very well priced in Romania
Forget about beef!

Must be a great rock bar right?

Quick tour of busy old town bar zone...pretty nuts.

Moved to Cismigin Apartment right beside the huge Cismigiu Park.

3 people lift, 240kg
Penthouse apartment

Cismigiu Park

why not, it fits

Why not

The famous meat combo at Vatra, Like $20

Sign of international. Aussie
Bundaberg Ginger Beer!
Don't even have them in Canada

Yeah! Going to be a Hell of
a Saturday!
Great views from balcony

See my reaction after waiting all night to see the 4 piece Rock Band set up...quite the reaction.

Very cool lanterns

Polar bears and Romania
always right?

Rafe pretty pumped after
"Mr. Brightside" Karaoke

I don't remember which song
but we all got up!

Re-occurring theme of 

Meat "Balls" quick food - $8

Big money! nope $20

Nice live cover of Radiohead - Creep in front of an art building

Trattoria Colosseum is good
but smoky when they close
 the sliding patio doors

Day 11-12, Constanta. A beach city a few hours a way by train from Bucharest would be my destination for a few nights before going South along the coast to Bulgaria.  My first time seeing and touching the Black Sea.  Nice town but of course a little quieter in low season.

Bucharest Train Station

Getting there, only 2 hr ride

a solid 25 min walk train station
to old town Constanta.

History Museum

Old town Mosque

About $35 euros for this spot right in Old Town
But as I said far from the Train Station

Not far from the Marina

Little sign of Tourism on the 
Black Sea

Eteks awesome for home cookin

Famous Casino building under renos

Pre-riverboat casinos?

Zagara resto $15 cad
Signs of money, sort of... 
You got a beauty BMW covered in dust...

Tried for a swim but unfortunately it was windy!

Yeah, windy

Gypsy yard which was a little

Psychopath left,
Psychic path right
Start of Day 13...where to next...?

Black Sea sunrise...