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October 2023 - Greece; Athens, Salamina, Naxos, Santorini

Greece a country I had been 20 years ago and really wanted to return to came in to my life again to start my trip.  And the best part is I was able to connect with two of my great friends Claudia and Eduardo from Playa del Carmen.

Day 2 - 4, Athens.  A few hours of sleep at the Dublin Airport then on to Aer Lingus at 6am which I would rate a 7/10.  Hell maybe even an 8 based on how poor airlines in general have become. Landed to a cool entrance then jumped on the train to town.  Got help from Biolete and Evita as it's always tricky to get your bearings coming out of the underground. Stopped in at a restaurant to get a feed meeting Dimitri and Mac who shared more than enough Ouzo to help me have a great nap before Lalo and Clau made it to the "Cozy" Airbnb.  A night out with Dimitri and Jackie starting at Dimitri's bar Microasia Terrace then hitting old town bars.

Spent the day at Salamina for a swim and some traditional seafood dishes. Also watching Lalo and Clau react to their first ferry ride.  Priceless.

Finally made it to the Acropolis which I struggle to see how they can justify 20 euro entrance...uff.  Think about this up to 23000 visitors per day, but at least not everyone is paying 20.  (seniors, students, etc).  Still making let's say 200,000 euros a day!  The ancient greeks would be proud.

I'm not the only one with the
Airport hotel idea

2 hours sleep on the floor
since I never got a couch...

Moving side walk in to Athens Airport, cool video welcome

Still going...

tasty, but the wine was not

First and Middle name

Love birds

Microasia live music

First Night Crew

Salamina for the day, basically the closest island to Athens.

Nice little swim

Little local resto in Salamina

Touring around Athens

Changing of the guard

Olympic stadium

Looking towards Flisvos Marina

Acropolis day

That's one way to leave your car...

Film Actors Guild - FAG
Didn't know it was in Greece?

These guys are always having fun

Oh, this is a little busy

Incredible views from the Acropolis
Location, location, location

Tourist will do anything for a
selfie.  Super slippery rocks.

Day 5- 6, Naxos.  An early start to get to the highly recommended largest of the Cyclades islands.  The kids caught up on their sleep and were ready to explore.  Beautiful ferry ride at sunrise, love me some boat even at 52 euros for 6 hrs.  Although it was a little wobbly and windy.

Naxos is a great spot and of course all of these places are so much better in the low season for pricing and small crowds.  Also, great to have a plan from Dimitri who spends a lot of time on the island.

Day 1

Day 2

This photo makes me giggle

Getting ready to ship off
Big boats

Too excited to sleep

Too excited to sleep.
And with 2 coffees each!

The colour is incredible

Jealous of the sailing, but maybe not today

Paros Bay

Memories of my time in Paros

Made it to Naxos

For some reason I didn't think
I would see so many boats...?

Waiting for Pincha Mike
Ok spot, by the beach
with walk through side by side

Fun, found a pool table.
Barely can do that in Playa

Cats in Greece

There's the beach


Pincha Mike rented car $25 USD

What's going on here in Halki

Just park and walk about

So many pieces here

Church of Ayios

Look at that little iguana go

Howdy chickens

Howdy sheep

So many Transalps.  Can't get
these in Canada

Lost but not really

Behind the scenes of ...


Floti town
Very interesting little town 
museum in Floti

Spectacular views driving to the other side of Naxos all the way to Panermos Beach for late lunch and a swim finding an octopus for the first time in my life!

Now that's a curve

Almost felt like we could see

I couldn't take my eyes off the

$15 a lunch.  Pretty remote so
that's how it goes. Price of 


General silliness in the bay.

Out of the way Geese

Long day in the car

This beach was ok, swallow water

Day 7, Santorini.  Off to the highly touristic island which I had been before and which I had seen the completely different side of.  It really is a magical island and a reason they have multiple cruise ships and an airport where I would fly off to Bucharest.

That was nice Ouzo last night

A pre-swim and shower before getting on the ferry to Santorini.  Awesome!

Low season, what is high like?

Fresh stamp
The Life Of Brad

Good bye lovely Naxos

Passing the upper area of Santorini

I know, super exciting

Driving up from the ferry
terminal which you wouldn't
want to walk up from

Not a good sign for where I
was going to stay this night

And damn hard to find

The cliff face of Fira city

And of course these horses
likely do this for the tourists
everyday at sunset

Busy yet tranquil

Great and reasonable resto for
the cliff location

Great views

It's a beautiful town

And this was to be a quiet night
before I flew out...
Claudia dancing on the bar!

Amazing to find my way home
3 am or so

Viktor was there too!  Flew in the day before.  Cool.

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