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September 2023 - West Coast Trip; Creston, Nanaimo, Saltspring Island, Gibsons, Shuswaps

In this month there were a few random moments you will find in the Other Stuff section at the end of the post, BUT the highlight was truly my annual ride out to the West Coast of Canada enjoying Kootney Lake in Creston, Checking out Nanaimo, Organic Farming in Saltspring Island, Glass Blowing in Gibsons, and Witnessing the Devastation from Forest Fires in the Shuswaps. 

Day 1-2, Creston (500km) Rode south through Diamond Valley to Highway 3 and on to Creston.  Amazing scenery and a great day.

Let's go Stryker
Highway 22 south

Highway 3

Frank's slide that took out the town in 1903

The Sparwood dump truck

"Duel" 2023 version

In to Creston

And up in to the sticks to visit Stu and Vero

On Kootney lake with almost no one else

Stunning, when you are not getting a flying spider web in your face (to be honest that doesn't happen much but incredible they string them across the lake, so it seems).

"Next Creek" Beach

A few amazing cabins/mansions

And then this lego looking one...
Day 3, Nanaimo (800km).  Huge day on Highway 3, up to Hope then Highway 1 in to the Tsawwassen ferry to Nanaimo.  Cold start at 7:30am to catch the 4pm ferry.  A great ride going from 7C to 30+C and back to 24C then a little spitting rain to end.

Rain gear helps cut the wind

Bring on the sun

The road is open people, let's go

Gorgeous morning

7 C, ouch

Christina Lake, cold, mountain water fed.

hardcore bikers

Castlegar valley

warming up


And the economic Abbotsford Airport

US/Canada unmanned border.  We need to build a wall!

Massive day, finished with 
Vietnamese food, yum.
Always love this last piece of road to the ferry

Made it!

Thanks Dorota, Aleksandra and
Thomas for hosting me after a monster day

Day 4-6, Saltspring Island (50km). A quick shot down the Transcanada highway to the Croften ferry to spend some nights camping on John and Jess's Organic Farm.

Clearly in farming country when
 you see an egg vending machine!
Man, this place needs attention

Ferry over to Saltspring.  Met a cool couple Andreas and Rachel who hang out in Mexico in the winter too.  Owners of I Love Ice Cream in Cumberland.

Spot the Seal!

Must have ate the whole tree!

JP and me

Great, but a little frosty at night, yeehaw!


Johnny's new compost mixer

Yep, an APPLE with pink flesh

old apple tree, 100+ years

Delicious plums

Jess and others enjoying a game using ground
cherries and relay

Some Saltspring famous pies
I cannot eat...heard they are great

Pot luck at Farmer's year end

Chau Alpacas
Thanks guys

Day 7-8, Gibsons (60km and a few ferries).  Years past I would ride up to Courtney and take the ferry to Power River and another connecting one at Earl's Cove but for that you need to get up around 7am if on Saltspring and on the West Coast Islands this time of year it is dewy and cold to start that early.  Decided to take Nanaimo to Horse Shoe Bay then drive out, find the u-turn and come back in order to take the next ferry to Gibsons skipping the huge car line as they have a lot of problems with ferries lately.

Oh to have a boat here...

Entry to other Nanaimo ferries, not the same
as from Tsawwassen

Vancouver in the distance

Good to have a motorbike, right to the front

Wild trailer set up attached to 
rear axle of kid's KTM.
Home made with dad.

Awesome deck with Pat, Hux and Zoe

View from Pat's place, so good.

Deer don't give a care here

Pat's art. Takes a few hours just to make this one hitter pipe.  Impressive.

Imagine how long this huge piece took with another artist helping as well.

Built-in magnetics

Day 9, Shusswaps (500km). Taking Highway 99 up passed Whistler and Pemberton in order to enjoy that area and old Highway 1 in my route to see Art in the fire destroyed area of the Shuswap lakes.  Amazing riding and bone chilling post fire photos.

loading up 9am ish

I'm ready for a good day

Near Squamish

Green Lake North of Whistler

a bit of construction slow down

That is not fog, it's smoke from fires.

more smoke

Dangerous curves

Nice riding...

What happened here?  Thought their Honda 
was fire proof? yikes.

smoky near Lillooet

Really so many fires

In to Kamloops first time since I lived here 2022


Ah man, I want a dog on the back of my bike

Yep, that's burnt trees

Used to be a gas station

So little greenery

Copters preparing to drop water

Fires in the distance

Art's summer cabin
So cute, two siblings snuggled

Day 10, Calgary (550km). Unfortunately with a rain looming in a day or two and likely 10 C during that I took a good look at when I should head back to Calgary.  On top of that, Highway 1 was getting shutdown for bridge construction the whole week adding 1.5 hrs to the 6.5 hours home so I had to leave early on the Sunday.  A shame as we never got to golf the sleeveless Anglemont course.

Another house burnt down

Fire station burnt down

Sicamous, and a shot of the houseboating world

Three Valley Gap

Top of the Rogers Pass

Back to AB!

Mt Rundle


Other Stuff

Oops, arm no workie after doing some more boat sanding.

Banana, oats, date slab

Amazing smoked ribs by chef Nathan

Low flying cropduster
poisoning us and checking out
the golf

Some used "brand new"
Gazelle's for $70!

Look at this tee box

Good night Styker

Finally finished this bag
3 years later?

Looks and was tasty

Final supper of the year

Can't stop the machine

Up and down at Fox Hollow
with Graeme

Can't they make the Registry just a little fun
Imagine working here...

Extended family visiting from USA
Suzanne and her dad with my cousin.

My first cousin's Mom Jennifer Canadian born
with a Carolina accent...odd...

Excellent photo Suzanne

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