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October 2023 - Turkiye; Cappadocia, Goreme.

Day 23-24. Turkiye; Cappadocia, Goreme.

Off to the scenic and highly recommended and touristy Cappadocia via 1st class train to Ankara then switching over to a bus to Nevsehir and a late night shuttle to Goreme.

Only ticket available was first class for $5 more.
Not too bad at all.

Lots of crops

Stop in Ankara to pass by the Anitkabir monument and tomb of Ataturk the President who founded Turkey 100 years ago.  Oops...couldn't even get near it with my two bags as there was security and scanners and so many people everywhere with the 100 year anniversary happening the next days.

damn crowded and hot


They have the right idea

Just packed, buses, cars, people, student groups...I'm out of here.

As close as I got to 

A quick rip off by taxi going
the long way to go straight

Bus station reminding me of an airport

Chau Ankara, and I think it was a good skip.

Bonus tasty meal at bus station
Serving up bathroom

A few views before sunset

Late night shuttle, thank god
someone else needed it too

Wild looking spot, cool street

This place is cool

Anatolian Kitchen, good.

Watching RSA vs England semi-final
with some saffers Shaine and Pascal
at Fat Boys

Kamelya Cave Hostel was good for sleeping in a cave, but one night was enough. No rails on the upper bunk, scary and rental towels, what!  But yes, an amazing breakfast.

watch your head.  Definitely don't get the best 
bed arriving in the middle of the night.

And then the famous hot air balloons.  My fear of heights and $200 cost was a little steep for me.  I really enjoyed the sights even without a ride.  Early sunrise worth waking up for!

First guy and maybe the highest

Like the flyby in Top Gun, hot air balloon style.

Must be 150 Balloons!

comfy chair
Flies shagging, always entertaining.

No washing clothes in the sink

Very good breaky

Thank you!

Kepez Otel. Decided to move to a my own hotel room even though it wasn't inside a cave. Long delay getting in to the place which was a little annoying.  But as the stay continued I really connected with the staff and ended the next evening before I took the night bus with the staff inviting me to join them for dinner.  Thank you Ahmad so much for making a solo traveller feel welcome in a touristy town.

Rent a classic American convertible in Turkiye.
Just a bit Touristy??

Local Women's Society lunch place, good local.

This should be a good spot for the Balloons

Pretty good for $40 or so.

Foreshadowing next year

I'm not sure about this 
wood stoved sphere encloser

Fancy cave restaurants

At the top of the view point street where they charge you $0.50 just to walk up a street?  I found a way around it and then took the crazy way down.

Great views of Goreme

You could definitely hike a lot here

Reminded me a lot of the Badlands in Alberta

Must be a way down?

How did they get to their places...?

Looks challenging

The silly things I do to save a buck...But actually this was super fun and in my sanuks!

Just nuts

yes, in sanuks

Came out of nowhere to the surprise of a few

A little summary of my trip down popping out at Secret Hill high end suites.

Fairytale town

Sunset bar

View from my room

found this little gem for a donair

Another round of sunrise balloons this time from Kepez Otel.

Lighting up from the plateau of the town

Another Top Gunner

So cool

Another good breaky

Decided to take the night bus to Antalya so had the day to walk around and take in the open air museum which was highly recommended...I didn't say that recommendation btw.

Wild movie set, if it was for a movie...

Open air doesn't seem so good?

Little chat about the area and going to the museum after changing my mind about walking to the next closest town.

So yeah, the open air museum $20...

A photo of common areas as you are not
allowed to take any photos of the churches.

Dark church should be good
if only I could afford it, haha

Another fee on top of the entry...

Again no photos of churches allowed.

Tea's on

back to town

A real steel workhorse

Dinner with the hotel staff

Very common Afghanistan dish
Chicken Pulao

Dinner with Kazakhstani and Afghan friends

Bye ... Cappadocia or
Kapadokya in turkish.

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